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9 October - Valencian Community in Spain and Valentine's Day!

9 October festival in Valencia Spain Day9 and 10-October holiday in Spain in the autonomous community of Valencia, which includes 3 Province: Alicante, Castellon and Valencia - all three of them have a coastline of the Mediterranean Sea 518 km. In Spanish this holiday sounds Dia de la Comunitat Valenciana. 9 1928 October, King Jaime I founded a new kingdom of ValenciaBy defeating the Muslim army of conquerors, and committed gospodstvovaniem Muslims throughout the Valencia. After that date, in the big cities of Spain begins celebration Moors and Christians, reflecting the actions and events of those days. Do not forget that these days will be closed most of the government institutions - banks, post office, shops and supermarkets, etc.
Moreover 9 October in Spain is still considered the Holy Day. Donis - or translated Valentine's DayAnd according to tradition lovers give each other Neck scarves (which is the symbol of love) with wrapped in a figure of martsepana.
As weather in Spain on the Costa Blanca October is warm, exactly like the water in the sea - many using 4 daytime mini vacation go to rest at sea!

Spain, the Mediterranean coast

Spain, the Mediterranean coast

In 2015 9 for a year 12 October inclusive holidays in Spain! 12 October - National Day of Spain (Fiesta Nacional de España) it is celebrated all the foreign-language population of the planet - Dia de la Hispanidad.

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