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The cost of renting an apartment in Spain, how much is the apartment rental?

The cost of renting an apartment in SpainIn the modern world through the global Internet can reserve yourself and your family home for vacation, holidays or weekends at any desired distance from the location. At the same time receive the maximum amount of information about accommodation, catering and recreation in the selected country.
You can choose from a large selection of premises for rent for a certain period of time for a nominal fee. You can choose the option that is right for you like the type of housing and the cost of services. If possible, just 5 minutes you can become the happy owner of a cozy cabin in the mountains for a few days or a month. The main thing that had the time and money that you are willing to pay.


Question from the customer - Nikita Akulov: Good day! My name is Nikita. I live in Russia in the city of Chelyabinsk. After visiting foreign real estate fairs, fired up buying an apartment in Spain. I found your site and after studying almost all the issues have disappeared, except for one. May I at the time of my stay in Russia to take an apartment in Spain and come to the holidays and vacations to his apartment? Is it customary? Are there any apartment management agency in my absence? Thank you in advance!!!

PS Very cool site, everything is clear and clearly explained with video and photo examples.

Answer Good afternoon Nikita! Most of the citizens of Russia who have a property in Spain do so. Have an apartment or a house in Spain and come to rest from 2 weeks to 2-3 months, the best time to relax in Spain on the Costa Blanca from April to November - this season is good weather and warm sea, and the most profitable rental . The approximate cost of renting from 300 euros per week if for a short period, if immediately for a long one - a month it will be cheaper, about 700 euro per month, but is more often leased for 1-2 a week. We provide a full range of services for the management and maintenance of apartments in your absence, monthly cleaning, etc. Thank you for the kind words about our site! :-) ))



To begin with, it is worth noting that at the beginning of the season, cost of rental housing in Spain will start from the amount of $ 400 week. And by the end of summer the price may rise in 2 times. But do not worry ahead of time. Spaniards love to bargain, and you can throw off the price of up to 20%.

how much it cost to rent the apartment in Spain
If you're a little low on cash, it is best to seek their own rental housing, because when you contact the agency for the search service will have to pay 15-20% of the property value. It is best suited for this online when at home, you will find a suitable option at no extra spending money.
The cheapest holiday destination in Spain is considered the Costa Blanca. In the study of the pricing policy for renting an apartment, you will notice that most minimum price for accommodation in the town of Torrevieja. Slightly above the level of prices in cities such as stables, Viola and Benidorm.

The cost of renting villas in Spain

The cost of renting villas in Spain from 500 euros per week

Very popular rented apartments in Costa del Sol, Barcelona, ​​the Canary and Balearic Islands. Despite the low cost of renting an apartment or home, the rest are not cheap. At relatively low cost rental housing, you will spend on food and entertainment venues to visit. But much can be saved if an apartment or house for at least a month. In this case, the owners can throw off the price of 30% of the cost of rental.

how much it cost to rent apartments in Spain - of 300 euros per week

how much it cost to rent apartments in Spain - from 300 euros per week

For example, a three-room apartment in Mallorca, will cost you 1500 $ per stay for a week. In turn, the apartment in Costa del Sol is two times cheaper. Removing the living room for a month, yet - 25-30% of the cost. This is certainly the estimated rental value at the beginning of the season, when prices are still at a minimum.

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