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Calpe in Spain - Mount Iphach, photographer in Spain, video shooting

Calpe SpainThe city of Calpe dates back to the Bronze Age. Traces of many civilizations and peoples can still be found among the quiet shady streets of the old city. Calpe is located in the south-east of Spain, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The distance from Calpe to Alicante is 65 km, and in 132 km from Torrevieja. The coast of Spain is divided into ten segments. Each has its name consisting of two parts. The first part is the same: Costa, which actually means in translation from the Spanish - the coast. The second part usually describes a certain distinctive feature of a particular coast.

Spain, Calpe, Mount Ifach

Climb the mountain Peñón de Ifach in the city of Calpe Spain, Alicante, the Costa Blanca. Views of the city of Calpe, the beaches of Levante (La Fossa) and Arenal Bol. The height of the mountain of Ifach (Penon de Ifach) 332 meters.
Calpe rested comfortably in the heart of the Costa Blanca, which means "White Beach". The coast is famous for its attractive climate. Due to its geographic location, the coastal zone is perfectly protected from cold winds and temperature changes by cliffs of white color, thanks to which, the coast and got its name.
Spain city of Calpe
The city was built at the foot of the Peñon de Ifach, which divides the city into two cozy bays: Arenal Bol and La Fossa. The total length of the beaches more than 11 km, among which there are both sandy and sandy-pebble. Many of the beaches are awarded the "Blue Flag", which speaks of extremely clean water, developed beach infrastructure and recommendations for recreation with children. In fact, the beaches are very clean, they are regularly cleaned and leveled with tractors. They are not only long, but also wide and equipped with umbrellas with sun beds and children's playgrounds, both on sand and in water.
View of the city of Calpe from the Peñón de Ifach mountain

View of the city of Calpe from the Peñón de Ifach mountain

In general, Calpe is located close enough to one of Spain's large international airports in the city of Alicante. In 72-x kilometers. To get to the city from the airport you can by bus, which runs about once every three hours, travels along the picturesque mountain roads through the city of Benidorm, and the total time of the road is 2,5 hours.
Seaport and bays in the city of Calpe on the Costa Blanca

Seaport and bays in the city of Calpe on the Costa Blanca

The city of Calpe is very popular, and it is often compared to Benidore, one of the largest resort towns of the Costa Blanca. Although in reality, they are completely different. Calpe has a population of 30000 people, this number increases more than six times during the holiday season, while from the local population only 40% are native Spaniards. The rest are European pensioners who came to permanent residence. This is facilitated by many factors, such as, for example, more than moderate prices for housing. The most popular species for sale in Calpe for local villas, which are endless in the city. The cost of an average villa with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, with a swimming pool and a small plot of land - 320000 euro. The climate of this city is also attractive. This area is characterized by a very warm summer and mild winter. In the warm season, the temperature rises to 40 ° C, and in winter it does not fall below 5 ° C. On average, in Calpe, about 300 sunny days per year (in the region of 10 months).
Calpe Ifach
The city is very popular with tourists. First, this is influenced by acceptable prices for accommodation. In Calpe, a sufficient number of hotels, but more popular is the type of accommodation, such as apartments. Tourists prefer to come by families, very often with young children from one year or older. At the same time, the hotel is not the most convenient form to stay. The apartments have a living / dining room and a kitchen, where you can cook homemade food at any time, because often tourists adhere to a diet, like small children, whose diet is quite specific, and involves more than three meals a day .
Beautiful landscapes and panoramas are opened from the natural park in the city of Calpe on Mount Ifach

Beautiful landscapes and panoramas are opened from the natural park in the city of Calpe on Mount Ifach

In the city there are large supermarkets, such as Mercadona and Concium. Should be warned, they only work six days a week. On Sunday, all the shops in the city are closed. To buy food or hygiene items is simply impossible, and on Saturdays usually a large number of people try to buy food and form huge queues. In supermarkets you can buy fruit, seafood, local wine, sausages, mass market cosmetics for an incredibly pleasant price. Another option is the market that unfolds in the center of the city on two streets every Saturday. One street is considered a grocery, the second is a duffel. Again you can buy fruits, vegetables, spices. The most popular products are watermelons, strawberries, cherries, dates, olives, lemons, oranges, tomatoes. More common for a Russian tourist apples and pears are not very good quality. Potatoes and cucumbers are few, there are no courgettes at all. Each shop is a small family production. All neighboring farmers bring their goods for sale. In the clothing market situation is slightly different. Here one-type things are sold not of the best quality, but also of local mass production and very cheap. Clothes are mostly urban not beach. Not coastal souvenir shops, namely the market. No towels, bathing suits, umbrellas and mats, but there are bags of leatherette, the same moccasins, colorful skirts and blouses.
Other entertainment can serve as local restaurants and cafes. There are both famous fast food chains and restaurants, owners of Michelin stars. The most popular fast food chain is Burger King, but in contrast to Russia, there are few visitors. Tourists mostly go to the coastal restaurants and bars. On each second table are colorful cocktails and seafood. For fish, you need to come in a few hours after the opening of the local fish stock exchange. All the restaurants buy fish and seafood there. The exchange does not work every day, you need to familiarize yourself with the schedule. After the closing of wholesale sales, a retail store opens. The Exchange operates simultaneously both for its intended purpose and as an impromptu tour for tourists. You can buy a ticket, go to the upper balcony and from there watch how the local trades and buy up the freshest fish. Here on the traveling trays you can see everything, from mussels to octopuses. At the exit, if you were with the children, they will be given a candy.
Other attractions include the Moorish quarter with remains of an ancient fortress, ancient Roman buildings and a church. Nearby is the Archaeological Museum. You can also visit the museum of holiday costumes and the museum of collectibles. From natural attractions, you can distinguish a beautiful salt lake and local flamingo favorites. It will not be possible to get close, but it's possible to look at them from afar. But the main pride of the city, this is certainly a protected area, Cape Peñón de Ifach. It rises above the city and attracts views from any of its points. It can be climbed, there are narrow and steep stony paths. The task for a little, but still sports-trained people. To climb there with small children is not recommended, will get tired. Yes, and adults make this ascent with interruptions. But if you managed to overcome the rocky giant, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the city and the sea from a bird's eye view.
In conclusion, it should be noted that Calpe - the best choice for a family or a quiet holiday. For fans of noisy youth parties and discos, of course there will be entertainment to taste, but there will not be much of them. Calpe is a wonderful natural oasis, ennobled by people. You will be as if in a mix of an uninhabited island and an active city. How many times you have not come here, always want to return to the small tourists and adults.

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Photographer in Torrevieja Alexey Stroganov - Copying photos without permission of the author is prohibited.




The distance from Valencia to Calpe is 123 km, from Benidorm 65 km, from Barcelona to Calpe 470 km.

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