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Spain Online: Symbol of Torrevieja Old Watch Tower at the coast

Symbol of the city of Torrevieja Old Watchtower on the coast     Torrevieja is a resort town in Spain on the Mediterranean coast, Which is considered the capital of the Russian-speaking population living in Spain. In addition to Russian, Ukrainians and Belarusians living in Torrevieja citizens of 120 countries, this cosmopolitan city in which everyone feels free. The symbol of the city is the old guard 14 century stone tower, located on the highest point of this part of the coast of Spain, the tower offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean sea and coastline in both directions Read more "

Natural Park of La Mata Torrevieja Spain, outdoor recreation

Spain Torrevieja La Mata parkExcellent tourist destination in Spain - Natural Nature Park La Mata, located in the Torrelamata 5 in minutes from the city of Torrevieja. The park has many hiking and cycling routes, there is a seating space with tables and benches, observation tower to admire the beauty of the Spanish countryside, there is an ambush on the lake to observe the birds, of which there are a huge number. Read more "

Spain Lighthouse Faro de Cabo de Palos sea, rocks, tourism on the Costa Calida

Spain pictures - lighthouse on the cape Cabo de PalosIf you wake in Spain in a beautiful place La Manga del Mar Menor be sure to visit the rocky Cape Lagoon (Cabo de Palos) with located on it a beacon of Faro de Cabo de Palos, towering at a height of 81 meters above sea level, and its height 51 meter. In ancient times this was the Cape lookout tower for protection against Berber pirate attacks (Muslim pirates wield in the region of North Africa, starting from the time of the Arab conquest to the mid-century 19). Read more "


Spain La Manga del Mar Menor, a resort on the coast of the Costa Calida

Spain La Manga Dos Mares Two Sea, the Costa Calida Mar MenorLa Manga - a natural sand spit-long 22 km and a width of up to 100 1200 meters separates the Mediterranean Sea (Great Sea) and small sea (Mar Menor) in Spain in the province of Murcia, which originates from the Cape lighthouse located on it Faro de Cabo de Palos. La Manga del Mar Menor It is a health resort in Spain, popular due to its microclimate and natural diversity, as well as sandy beaches Read more "


Sightseeing Spain Dry river Rio Seco Area Natural, Pinar de Campoverde

Pinar de Campoverde, Ruta de Senderismo, Rio Seco Area Natural SpainNot far from the Spanish town of Pinar de Campoverde begins hiking tourist route along the bed of a dry river Rio Seco Area Natural, which consists of the first section of long 4 km, and a second longer 10 km, which passes through the natural area Mil Palmeras. Read more "

Excursions in Spain, Alicante attractions, tourist bus

42-spain-fotoEvery day from morning until 10 6 evening at intervals of 60 minutes in Spain tourist bus goes to the city of Alicante. It passes through the main attractions in the city of Alicante and 10 makes stops in the most interesting places of this wonderful Spanish city located on the southern Costa Blanca. This is primarily Marine Square (Plaza del Mar), Castle of Santa Bárbara (Castillo de Santa Barbara), Central Market (Mercado Central), shopping center El Corte Ingles, the promenade and the Volvo area. Read more "

Sights of Spain, Blue Lake Torremendo Embalse de La Pedrera

perdera-spain_2013In Spain 20 kilometers from the city of Torrevieja and 10 km from the Spanish city of San Miguel de Salinas in the mountains near the town of Torremendo there is a beautiful Lake of Pedrera (Embalse de La Pedrera). On weekends, whole groups of bikers are sent to him on 20-30 people, motorcyclists also like to go there. Read more "

The resorts of Spain - the city of Altea, Alicante, the Costa Blanca,

Resorts of Spain - the city of Althea Altea is a pretty resort town in the Valencia region, in 10 kilometers from another popular tourist town Benidorm. On tours to Spain in this particular area it encourages travelers trivial story area, luxury entertainment features, outstanding natural details and modern tourist industry. Read more "

Beautiful photos of Spain, photos of the sea coast

Spain Orihuela CostaMany tourists imagine this country as the unbridled joy of islands, an endless series of gorgeous beaches of the Atlantic coast and the Mediterranean and comfortable ski holiday, from which you can bring great photos. However, Spain is one of the oldest countries in Europe with a rich history, impressive architecture and unique culture. Read more "

Spain Torrevieja resort town on the sea

Spain Torrevieja weather, hotels, photosTorrevieja - large and unusually beautiful resort city of Valencia. In addition to the mild climate and beautiful beaches, spread over 25 kilometers, the city is very popular for its salt lakes. For all this and many other treasures here and attracts travelers on holiday in Spain. Read more "

The resort town of Alicante Spain, capital of the province, hotels, photos

  The city of Alicante Spain, capital of the provinceMediterranean port in the south of Spain - Alicante - a brilliant tourist center on the Costa Blanca. The city is the capital of the eponymous province of Alicante. On the coast, a mild Mediterranean climate, a little dry in the summer months (with an average temperature of + 28-30), which draws on Tours to Spain lovers bask in the sun and enjoy the sea. Read more "

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