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Attractions on the Costa Blanca

Attractions on the Costa Blanca Costa Blanca in Spain, Alicante, Denia starts near the north and stretches about 125 kilometers along the Mediterranean coast.
Steep cliffs and hidden coves in the north of the Costa Blanca attracts visitors throughout history.

In addition to studying the Sierras, lush valleys, whitewashed villages and ancient cities of the region, tourists can take a ferry from Denia to Mallorca or Ibiza to explore remote areas of Spain and exciting nightlife Read more "

Spanish dance Flamenco Flamenco dance is igniting in Spain

Spanish dance FlamencoSpain, a country brave bullfighting and flamenco incendiary. Geographically, Spain is located in southwestern Europe. With its very edge. In addition to the continental part, Spain is also present in the Balearic and Pityusic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea and the Canary Islands - in the Atlantic Ocean. Neighbors speak Spanish Portugal, Andorra and France. His name is obliged to Spain Phoenician "i-punks" which meant literally - "beach bunnies." Read more "

Spain Attractions - what to visit?

Spain Attractions - what to visit?Good and warm Spain. Bright, candid, emotional country. This is a very warm country, markedly different from the others with his mentality, traditions, and by the inhabitants of Spain.
Spain - a country in southwestern Europe. The capital is Madrid city. This is a fairly prosperous country, its territory is divided into 17 2 autonomous communities and city. Included in the EU member states. It has a very mild climate, adjacent to Morocco, France, Portugal and Gibraltar. Read more "

City park in Elche, Spain

City park in Elche, Spain, park Elche, Spain, Elx In another municipal park of Elche, very beautiful place, be sure to go there!
Read more "

Old Spanish ship "Santisima Trinidad" in the port of Alicante Spain

The ship "Santisima Trinidad" in the port of AlicanteThe ship "Santisima Trinidad" in the port of Alicante opened to the public: opening hours from 11: 00 to 24: 00 daily. On this historic ship has a restaurant and a museum of pirates and sailors.

The ticket price with a drink on weekdays € 4, 5 € weekend. As soon as you set foot on the deck, you will immediately feel unusual excitement is felt leaving any sailor on a long voyage. The smell of wood Read more "

Interesting facts about Spain with photos, an amazing country of eternal sunshine

Interesting facts about Spain- Spain is the highest country in Europe (altitude - 660 m and mountains cover about 90% total area);

- The name of Spain in translation means the country of rabbits.
- Spain - one of the world's largest producers of olive oil. Its share in this production - about 45% with a huge range of cultivated varieties (about 260); Read more "

Museum of miniatures and miniature houses Museo de Antonio Marco photos and videos

IMG_1872The museum of miniatures named Marco Antonio in Guadalest (Guadalest), Alicante, Valencia, you can see a miniature house height does not exceed 70 cm., Made of stone, iron, wood and cement. Inside they performed like true home, they have a kitchen, Read more "

Pink salt lake of Torrevieja, natural spa in Spain

Spain, Lake Torrevieja The microclimate created the largest salt lakes in Europe in Spain in the city of Torrevieja and La Mata, declared one of the healthiest in Europe, according to the World Health Organization. Pink salt lakes of Torrevieja, caused by the presence of Read more "

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