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Cities of Spain

Useful information about the resort city of Spain located on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea - professional video and photo search engine for cheap prices on rooms in hotels in Spain, attractions, markets, what to visit and see interesting things and where a tasty meal.

Spain La Manga del Mar Menor, a popular resort on the Black Sea Coast of Costa Calida

Spain La Manga Dos Mares Two Sea, the Costa Calida Mar MenorLa Manga - a natural sand spit-long 22 km and a width of up to 100 1200 meters separates the Mediterranean Sea (Great Sea) and small sea (Mar Menor) in Spain in the province of Murcia, which originates from the Cape lighthouse located on it Faro de Cabo de Palos. La Manga del Mar Menor It is a health resort in Spain, popular due to its microclimate and natural diversity, as well as sandy beaches Read more "


Spain Resorts - Town Altea

Spain Resorts - Town Altea Altea - pretty resort town in the region of Valencia, in 10 km from another popular among city tourists Benidorm. On tours to Spain in this particular area it encourages travelers trivial story area, luxury entertainment features, outstanding natural details and modern tourist industry. Read more "

Major cities in Spain in terms of population, the map

Major cities in Spain in terms of population, detailed map of Spain with cities To absorb the incredible beauty and information, see all the features of the country, fed and breathe in Spain's sun, air, art, carefree and bohemian is not enough of a lifetime. So relax, visit only a few places in Spain and do not spray attention to everything at once. Better to enjoy steadily, at full strength every moment of your stay in this wonderful country. Select a couple of excursion sites and inspect them slowly. Read more "

The best resorts in Spain: Costa Blanca hotels, weather, things to do

The best resorts in Spain: Costa Blanca hotels, weather, things to doMany people go on holiday in Spain to visit is the Costa Blanca. This is not surprising, because in these places you can see the colorful nature bright, beautiful and well-groomed beaches and the climate welcomes visitors with gentle breezes and the warm rays of the sun sensitive. Read more "

Spain Torrevieja resort town on the sea

Spain Torrevieja weather, hotels, photosTorrevieja - large and unusually beautiful resort city of Valencia. In addition to the mild climate and beautiful beaches, spread over 25 kilometers, the city is very popular for its salt lakes. For all this and many other treasures here and attracts travelers on holiday in Spain. Read more "

Resorts Spain: Benidorm hotels, tours, weather

The city of Benidorm is located in the province of Alicante and is part of the Autonomous Community of Valencia. Famous tourist center, it is located on the banks among the sandy beaches of «Poniente» and «Levante».

Benidorm has various categories of hotels 199 3, 4 and 5 star, so here, on tours to Spain, can safely come even avid economists. In the city a large selection of bars and restaurants. It is a paradise for gourmets, where you can meet Spanish, Italian, French and even Indian cuisine. Read more "

The resort town of Alicante Spain, capital of the province, hotels, photos

  The city of Alicante Spain, capital of the provinceMediterranean port in the south of Spain - Alicante - a brilliant tourist center on the Costa Blanca. The city is the capital of the eponymous province of Alicante. On the coast, a mild Mediterranean climate, a little dry in the summer months (with an average temperature of + 28-30), which draws on Tours to Spain lovers bask in the sun and enjoy the sea. Read more "

Spain, Barcelona hotels, flights, rental car rental

Spain is one of the most popular countries for tourists. These people come from different parts of the world, to enjoy the beauty and get a lot of pleasant experiences. One of the most remarkable cities in Spain is considered Barcelona. He is very handsome and a great people. Barcelona - is the second largest city in Spain. It is very developed "spiritual development" it is widely developed art, surprising architectural wonders buildings. Read more "

The capital city of Spain, Madrid - Hotels avibilety, car rental

One of the most beautiful European capital is Madrid (Spain). It was once the capital of a vast empire of Charlemagne, and shine on the world stage, dictating the whole of Europe, but then plunged into the abyss of pride, malice and illiteracy, so the beginning of the eighteenth century, completely lost its political importance and leadership, turned into a minor European city. Read more "

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