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Taxes and residence permit in Spain

Taxes and residence permit in Spain, visas, legalization, residence and property. Questions of legal stay in Spain, documents, expenses and taxes associated with buying and owning Spanish property on the Costa Blanca

The procedure for the purchase of property in Spain

IMG_0065     Want to buy a property in Spain by the sea? To make a purchase you need to choose a reliable agent for working with Spanish real estate. Prepare the necessary documents for purchase (see below). Fly to Spain, at least 5-7 days, get acquainted with the options for real estate, choose the option you like.
✔ Make cash, plastic card or by transfer from an account in a Russian bank on behalf of the seller up to the reserve from the 3000 6000 euros (which is included), and get your hands on a preliminary agreement the reservation object.
✔ Open an account in a Spanish bank and Read more "

How to buy property in Spain by the sea and answers to clients' questions

How to buy property in Spain by the seaGood day! In this video you can see The process of buying property in Spain by the sea, Both secondary and new buildings, to hear answers to the most frequent questions of customers wishing to buy a property in Spain on the Costa Blanca coast. Read more "

Purchase costs and property taxes in Spain

Modern villa with pool

Modern villa with pool

Property tax in Spain has changed in 2013 year. Because today the acquisition of property abroad has become very popular - especially in Spain, you should know exactly what to expect, what amount of money you have to spend in addition to the direct cost of housing; one of those "expenses" would be a tax on real estate in Spain for foreigners. Read more "

Terms of banks on the mortgage for those wishing to buy property in Spain

buy property in Spain by the seaAnswers to questions on the banks of the conditions of the mortgage from customers who want to buy property in Spain on the beach in the city Torrevieja or at Orihuela Costa (Province of Alicante)

Dear Margaret and Alex. Answer us important questions for us on mortgage lending in Spain for the purchase of real estate.

1) What is the bank's interest rate and the nominal effective? Read more "

Agent's commission when buying property in Spain

Luxury villa in SpainWe e-mail and Skype, often comes the question: "Who pays the commission to the agent when buying a property in Spain?" Read more "

Documents required for obtaining a mortgage in Spain

Mortgages in Spain for Russians Mortgage loan for the purchase of property in Spain is given to 60% of the cost of housing for 2,5-3,5% per annum for a period of up to 5 25 years. Either under 3% per annum at a fixed rate. Read more "

Taxes and the cost of maintaining a property in Spain

Villa property in Spain Question: Margarita and Aleksey, good afternoon! Tell me, please, the approximate monthly utility bills for sale in Spain (total amount). And about a house in Spain is also interested in monthly payments. With homes, like, there is still some kind of annual tax? He calculated how? Read more "

The acquisition of residential or commercial property in Spain

The acquisition of residential or commercial property in Spain

The acquisition of residential or commercial property in Spain

Coast sunshine and sandy beaches, perfect as a fresh breeze. The kingdom can come humble tourist. But if in Spain to buy profitable real estate, the owner receives a certain advantage.

The laws of the Kingdom do not prohibit anyone to buy any real estate in Spain. Read more "

Obtaining NIE - Tax number of the foreigner in Spain

Buy an apartment in Spain, obtaining NIE In Spain, more or less began to emerge from the crisis the tourist business, so to buy a property in Spain has become topical again. I think a lot of days and nights dreaming to live near the Mediterranean Sea, and many international agencies are actively attract potential buyers. In general, the purchase of his corner in Spain should not cause you a big red tape, but still find features Read more "

Residence permit in Spain, a gold visa - getting a Spanish residence permit

residence in Spain Type D visa - obtaining a residence permitMany foreigners attracted by Spain for its tourist attractions, culture, tradition, cuisine and more. Citizens of other countries seeking to obtain a residence permit in the country. Among them are Russian citizens.
Successfully obtaining a residence permit in Spain Read more "

The growth in property prices in Spain, investing money in overseas property

Property prices in Spain have started to grow!For several years in the European real estate markets, prices are too high. But now the crisis, investment in European real estate has become very profitable. Most experts say that if we now invest in European real estate, you can not only save their capital, but also to increase it. Read more "

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