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Taxes and residence permit in Spain

Residence permit in Spain when buying a property over 500 thousand euros

Residence permit in Spain when buying propertyin 2013 in Spain passed a law to foreign citizens who automatically receive a residence permit in Spain when purchasing real estate more than 500 thousand euros, and it may be more than one villa, and several apartments, as facilities cost added up. The first proposal is designed for Russians and Read more "

Where to buy an apartment abroad cheaply

Where to buy an apartment abroad cheaplyIncreasingly, people living abroad, want to buy a property in another country. In this case, there are two possible situations: you live abroad and want to buy a property in Russian or living in Russia, to buy a property in another country. Read more "

The process of buying property in Spain

The process of buying property in Spain To purchase a property in Spain is enough to have a passport, Schengen visa to stay in Spain and a sufficient amount of money, and does not need any additional documents and permits. The seller acts by the owner or his representative, who has the notarized power of attorney. Read more "

Why Russians are buying property in Spain on the shores of the Costa Blanca?

Russians are buying property in SpainThe Kingdom of Spain - it's a wonderful country, rich in its architecture and history. Here is the sea, the sun, a great variety and abundance of fruit and seafood. Buying property in Spain, you get a pass to the eurozone for themselves and their entire family. Owning your own home, you have the opportunity to buy on 180 multivisa days during the year. And get a residence permit can be due to opening your own business or invest in any project.

Where should choose the place? Read more "

Passports, visas and residence permits in Spain, residence

Passports, visas and residence permits in Spain, residenceResidence. With the entry of Spain into the European Union, the resident card became a formality for the citizens of the Eurozone. Spain recently eased the procedure for granting resident status to citizens of the European Union. Now such cards are mandatory only in case of receiving a pension in Spain, for people with physical disabilities (those who are not able to work), as well as citizens not from the Eurozone. The latter must confirm that they are dependent on an EU citizen, and are able to confirm their financial independence and the independence of their families, in order to obtain a resident card.
1) There are two categories of resident cards. Temporary residence permits (from 90 days to a year) and permanent residence (with the condition of residence from one to five, with a likely extension). Read more "

Tax on real estate in Spain, legal costs, fees, VAT tax

Tax on real estate in Spain, legal costs, fees, VAT tax (iva)Buying property in Spain ...
1. Stay up to date with all aspects of buying a property. Before you start buying a property, you should obtain a fiscal number. These questions will help the lawyer of our real estate agency in Spain.
2. In the case of unfinished real estate, need to sign a contract and pay a small reservation prepayment. The contract specifies that the property is removed from sale (usually 30-day period). This time allows for the necessary legal verification, and then make a contract of sale. You produced the first payment (known as a landmark transfer, according to the stages of construction). The first payment is usually of 10%, maybe a little bit more of the property value, which is not refundable. Read more "

Encyclopedia of the Spanish real estate, where the Russian live, and where the Europeans?

Acquisition of real estate in Spain1. The choice in favor of Spain is obvious. Spain is rightly considered to be one of the world's top countries in terms of attractiveness, with a rich number of offers for those who decided to move here, and hundreds of thousands of Britons alone who have moved to Spain over the past three decades are a vivid confirmation of this. In the past few months, the Spanish real estate market has begun to slow down its activity, which is explained by the previously purchased large volumes of unfinished real estate, which became a problem for the market, as the current owners can not complete the final construction for different reasons for different reasons. Read more "

Features purchasing property in Spain

Experts estimate that today there is a growing interest of people in Russia to the acquisition of real estate abroad, for example in Spain. The reasons for this are many. Firstly, it is a favorable climate, stable standard of living, colorful cultural traditions. Secondly, the availability of real estate and loyal credit policy towards foreigners. Those who have a desire to become the owner of a property in Spain, provided favorable conditions. Consider all of these conditions in detail. Read more "

Buying Property in Spain by the sea on the shores of the Costa Blanca

Buying Property in Spain by the seaIf one considers that at the moment the market is considered to be favorable conjecture, we can safely say that buying a property abroad would be a very profitable way to their investment. If one of the top priorities for you is a secure future, and the return on your invested funds, you should pay attention to real estate in Spain by the sea.

Spain is the European country that has a healthy climate and truly unique nature. In addition, Spain is also a member of the EU and one of the most popular resorts. And about the unique culture of Spain heard each. Read more "

Banking collateral property in Spain at the sea, the selection of housing options

Banking collateral property in Spain, the selection of optionsOffer residential real estate banking in Spain, seized by banks for non-payment of the loan, today is sufficiently large. This segment of the Spanish property market in many ways attractive to the buyer:
• banks greatly reduce the price,
• the purchase of the selling bank gives a loan of 60-80% of the purchase price, Read more "

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