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Interesting news in Spain today in Russian about the city of Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa

See our website about the Spanish property in your own language!

spain-espanaFor your convenience, a site about property in Spain on the coast of the sea available on 57 languages. Now our site you can watch in your own language, because in Spain on the Mediterranean coast live together under the same sun of the people all of the following countries :-) Read more "

Spain Photos wallpapers on 1920 1080

Photos Spain wallpapersBeautiful wallpaper high resolution 1920 1080 to pixels. Read more "

Hotels in Spain on the beach in Torrevieja Hotel Masa International and Cabo Cervera

Hotel reservation in Spain on the beach in Torrevieja Hotel Masa International and Cabo CerveraOn this page you can view the prices for rooms in hotels in Spain at the beach in the town of Torrevieja Hotel Masa International and Hotel Cabo Cervera Read more "

New Year Greetings from Spain, New Year 2015

New Year pictures 2015Dear friends! Congratulations on your new year 2015! We wish you courage, strength, hope, health, patience, dreams and its execution, love, warmth, good luck, Read more "

The devaluation of the ruble, the Russian economy and the ruble depreciated why

ruble depreciated already 25%In this article I would like to share your opinion about the situation with the euro. Russian media have positioned this as the growth of the euro or the dollar, most of the news headline and sound - euro rose 2 ruble, the dollar rose to 3 ruble. In fact it devalued the ruble (ruble falls to international currencies). Euro and Dollar currency stable, reflecting the strongest economy in the world. Look at the dynamics of the euro against the US dollar Read more "


RљS,Rѕ RїRѕRєSѓRїR ° RμS, RЅRμRґRІRёR¶RёRјRѕSЃS,SЊ P SЃRїR RЅRёRё RЅR ° ° ± RїRѕR RμSЂRμR¶SЊRμ RљRѕSЃS,R P'P ° "° F ° RЅRєR?In the first place in the list of foreigners bought property in Spain on the seafront of 2014 year are citizens UK, Accounting 18% of all transactions Spanish property on the Costa Blanca. In second place French people, They 11%, third Russians Read more "

The King of Spain Don Felipe and Queen of Spain Leticia Day holiday

new-king of Spain, and the Queen of Spain,     12 October, the National Day of Spain The King of Spain, Don Felipe and his wife Queen Dona Leticia, and her two daughters Princess of Asturias and little Sophia, watched a military parade in the capital of Spain in the city of Madrid, where he marched 3000 Spanish military soldiers Read more "

Trade shows in October and November in Spain, Alicante IFA

The modern exhibition center in Spain IFA (Institución Ferial Alicantina) (Alicante province) is just a short drive from the airport of El Altet. We bring you the announcement of exhibitions that will be held there in October, November and December 2014 years. Later here will be attached links to video and photo reports from these exhibitions. Read more "

Star rain in the sky over Spain photo

Spain photo star nightLluvia de estrellas en Espana! On the night of August 12 could see up to 100 shooting stars per hour! Perseids (Star rain) Tears of St. Lawrence!
Like all summer, nature gives us a beautiful sight in the first half of August. During these days, the Earth through the comet's orbit Read more "

The increase in sales in the real estate market in Spain

The increase in sales in the real estate market in SpainOptimistic forecasts of experts are coming true, in the first half of the year 2014 the number of sale and purchase of real estate transactions in Spain increased by 54% compared to the same period of 2013 years. As expected Spain returns to the usual for this solar home sales volumes of the country, and how experts believe this trend will continue. This contributes not only Read more "

Beautiful pictures of landscapes in Spain with the sea and flowers

Painting Spain Sea landscape photoBeautiful pictures of landscapes in Spain with the sea and flowers, do not forget to play music to listen to :-) Read more "

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