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Interesting news in Spain today in Russian about the city of Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa

Houses, villas and apartments in Spain in the South of the province of Alicante

Villas and apartments in SpainIt is very advantageous for today to invest in buying a property in Spain. Moreover, such a purchase has many undeniable preferences. Among all European countries, Spain has the longest Mediterranean coast, which is equipped with modern beaches. Read more "

Property in Spain by the sea on the Costa Blanca, apartments and villas

Property in Spain by the sea on the Costa Blanca, apartments and villasGiven that the conjecture of the market can be considered favorable for today, buying property abroad is the most profitable investment.

If at the head of your priorities there is a reliable future and high returns of the invested funds, it is necessary to direct your views on the real estate of Spain. Read more "

We buy property in Spain on the Costa bank

Property in Spain on the Costa BlancaBuying real estate in the territory of sunny Spain is rightfully considered not only a profitable investment of capital, but also an excellent opportunity to radically change your life, bringing it as close to the very high standards of this highly developed country.
The advantages of acquiring Spanish quality property by foreigners are undeniable: Read more "

Russian Orthodox Church in Spain, a temple in Torrevieja

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary25 March 2018 held a solemn event - the great consecration of the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in Spain in the city of Torrevieja. This is the third consecrated Orthodox church in Spain. Read more "

New Year's greetings from Spain, with the New 2018 year!

New Year's greetings from Spain, with the New 2018 year!New 2018 Year is approaching. Year of yellow earth dog. From the rest of the ages it is said that as you will celebrate the New Year, it will be so. Since the next year the dog gets to the blessed patron, we can safely say that peace, love and bliss will reign this year. And let it be so. And if you have planned to travel for many years abroad, this period will be just the right moment. Read more "

Why is it worth buying a property on the Costa Blanca?

Advantages of buying property in Spain by the sea     

It's no secret that Spain is a country of sun, sea, wine, dancing and excellent mood. That is why today many people are thinking about buying real estate in this hospitable state. Wherein house in Spain - it's not such a cloudy prospect. Accommodation on the picturesque coast can be found at quite democratic prices.

Read more "

Sea sports in Spain, sports entertainment on the Costa Blanca

spain-costa-blanca-0004Real estate in Spain on the coast of the Costa Blanca is in great demand due to not only a mild climate and the presence of an order of 310 sunny days per year, but also to excellent cuisine, excellent service, developed tourism and a lot of sport activities at sea. This is primarily sailing, kite surfing and windsurfing, kayaking and canoeing, diving and snorkeling in Spain. Read more "

Bright and temperamental Spain, the city of Benidorm, Alicante, Torrevieja

Bright, temperamental and attractive SpainBright, temperamental, attractive - this is undoubtedly Spain. The country, the history of which was created by different peoples, for many thousands of years. Her fearless navigators opened the New World, breaking the vast expanses of the Atlantic for the first time and making their homeland the richest and most powerful on Earth at that time, the ruler of two continents from which countless caravans of merchant ships sailed to Spain, with gold and the wonders of the New World. Read more "

Property in Spain by the sea, houses, villas and apartments on the Costa Blanca

buying property in SpainIncreased interest in real estate abroad can be subjected to different analysis, but the fact remains - the desire to buy your own home in Spain in this warm country or on the island among the luxurious nature of many people. In Europe, property prices can please with low indicators, especially in countries, Read more "

Buy property in Spain - it's profitable, the advantages of buying

House in Spain with poolThe number of real estate purchases carried out in the beautiful southern country of Spain is increasing year by year. What is its appeal to customers from all over the world? The most important advantage of buying an apartment, house or villa in Spain is a mild and comfortable for living climate and a fairly high standard of living. Read more "

Real estate in Spain on the Costa Blanca, an overview of the residence of Los Dolses

Real estate in Spain on the sea coastReal estate in Spain on the Costa Blanca, an overview of the residence of Sol Marino urbanization in Los Dolses Villamartin Orihuela Costa Blanca, Alicante, Valencia. 30 September 2016 years, autumn in Spain, the weather. Read more "

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