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Hot Phones of emergency services in Spain

IMG_6515How to call the police or an ambulance being in Spain? Below is a list of the tourist hot phones abroad in Spain, emergency services from a cell phone the Costa Blanca, in the province of Alicante, Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa and surrounding area. Read more "

Antique Market in Spain

1999-49-spain-123 kб-mercado-125608-costablanca-1999Antique market in Spain is always very interesting to them, you can find a variety of vintage home furnishings, knives and swords, ancient coins, lighters, sabers, souvenirs for tourists. Read more "

Real estate news in Spain on the Costa Blanca

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We will help you to buy or sell property in Spain! Photographing in Torrevieja

Sell ​​a property in Spain Do you want to rent or sell your property in Spain on the Costa Blanca? We offer you a package deal - three in one: the services of a professional photographer, video operator and advertising or real estate services.
We will make high-quality photos and a professional video clip about the sale or rental of your property in Spain, yachts, businesses, restaurants, hotels, etc. Read more "

Storm on the sea in Spain, on the shores of the Costa Blanca

Storm on the sea in Spain, on the shores of the Costa Blanca Such a storm at sea in Spain on the Costa Blanca are very rare, because there is a mild Mediterranean climate and 320 days in the year the sun! Read more "

Photos of the Spanish city of Alicante

Photos Spain, Alicante www.Espana-Live.comPhoto of a beautiful inner city of Alicante in Spain, the autonomous community of Valencia. Read more "

Telephone calls and mobile communications in Spain

Telephone calls and mobile communications in SpainMany tourists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus coming into Spain face the problem of choosing a mobile operator in the city center. The easiest and cheapest way is to buy a local SIM card. To do this you need to go to any office of the network and say: "Quiero comprar una tarjeta SIM" it means - I want to buy a SIM card. Or say it in English - all sellers in Spain for at least 2 know the language - Spanish and English. Read more "

Fish of the Mediterranean Sea in Spain

Fish of the Mediterranean Sea Photo On a variety of underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea gives the red, but it is much richer in the Black Sea. Different types of fish - hake, sea bream, tuna, bakadilya, sardines, etc. Read more "

In Spain, translate hours of daylight at the end of March

Spain translates in March 30 hours of daylight March 30 2014, residents of all European countries, including Spain, will translate the clock an hour forward in the 1, it must be done in 2 hours of the night. On the last Sunday in March and October - the clock is Read more "

New amendments for traffic regulations in Spain

New rules of the road in Spain In March, Congress 2014 Spain adopted new amendments and additions to the existing traffic rules on the roads of Spain, concerning not only the drivers and riders, and pedestrians and cyclists. Read more "

Exhibition of vintage cars in Spain

Exhibition of retro cars 2014 in Spain - Moonshiners Car Club Photos and video from the next meeting Moonshiners Car Club Costa Blanca - club of the amateurs of unusual, amusing and vintage cars and motorcycles, which are collected every last Sunday of the month in the Spanish city of Torrevieja with 10 am to 13-00. The club Moonshiners car club Spain no membership fees and any owner of interesting cars Read more "

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