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The Russians entered the top 3 property buyers in Spain

The Russians entered the top 3 property buyers in Spain Most buying property in Spain, the British, followed by the French and Russian - these data board Gosregistr Spain. Read more "

Opponents of Spain in the European Championship for the Euro-2016 football

23 February in the city of Nice in the draw were determined rivals Spain in the European Championship for the Euro-2016 football. Read more "

How much are the products in Spain, the prices for pork meat, beef

How much are the products in Spain, the price of meat is pork, beef, lamb Spain, Spain ... A wonderful country ... Anyone who has ever been in Spain can not agree with these words. Are you still in doubt? Spain not only solar, clean and very funny country, it is also not expensive, I would say affordable! Prices in Spain are not great. Although supermarkets and markets are a huge number. Big Bag items and household products for a family of 2-2 adults and children-s will cost you Read more "


Amusement Park Terra Mitica in Benidorm

terramitica_benidorm.jpg At the world-famous, very popular, and the magnificent Spanish resort of Benidorm, which is located in Valencia, stretches a huge amusement park Terra Mitica, which was opened in the year 2000. The park is divided into five thematic areas of interest in a total area of ​​45 thousand square meters. Visitors to this park in any of these wonderful areas will find something for everyone, regardless of age, will be able to distract from the urgent problems and get a lot of pleasant experiences. Read more "

Transfer in Spain to Torrevieja from Alicante airport El Altet

Transfer to Spain from Alicante El Altet airport A tourist or a resident, you might as well just a lover of travel - in front of you is always the question of how to get to your destination in Spain from Alicante airport El Altet? If you plan to another landing at the airport of Alicante, this time the problem is eliminated. Book your transfer from Alicante Airport in Spain by car from us and we will promptly, reliably and inexpensively meet you at Alicante airport on the day of arrival and spend the day of departure. Read more "

Medieval Market in Spain in Orihuela, Alicante Province

Medieval Market in Orihuela, Alicante Province In Spain, a wonderful old city - Orihuela. The city is not big, only 80 000 inhabitants. Despite this, it is the cultural capital of the province of Alicante, full of cultural heritage, also rich in beautiful old architecture. Orihuela city itself divides into two parts the river Segura. In this river a lot of fish and turtles. Every 5-6 years floods occur, so the entire city is built along the high embankment. Read more "

Demotivators about property in Spain in Moscow

Demotivators about property in Spain in MoscowBut it's true! Read more "

Popular real estate by the sea Spain

Popular posts on the website the real estate agencies in Spain Here you see a list of the most popular posts on the site, the more likely people are interested in on our website Read more "

220 Russians to take the citizenship of Spain in 2013 year

In 2013 year oath to the King of Spain brought 71,3 thousands of foreigners who have acquired the citizenship of Spain. According to the largest number of sworn are citizens of Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Morocco. All new Spaniards, including 221 Russian citizen, formally renounced their previous citizenship sworn Read more "

Aquarium in Murcia, Spain Acuario de la Universidad de Murcia

Aquarium in Murcia, Spain Acuario de la Universidad de MurciaMurcia Aquarium. This is a great chance to see the underwater world with your own eyes. The aquarium has several water chambers, representing the fauna of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the Red Sea. Read more "

Spain Sea and beach wallpaper x 1366 768 nature

free download Wallpapers Spain Torrevieja town by the sea Costa Blanca Beautiful high-quality wallpaper with the nature of Spain 2014 on the desktop, photo taken in January 2014 years in Spain on the Costa Blanca Read more "

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