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The best resorts in Spain: Costa Blanca hotels, tours

The best resorts in Spain: Costa Blanca hotels, weather, things to doMany people go on holiday in Spain to visit is the Costa Blanca. This is not surprising, because in these places you can see the colorful nature bright, beautiful and well-groomed beaches and the climate welcomes visitors with gentle breezes and the warm rays of the sun sensitive. Read more "

Resorts in Spain: Benidorm hotels, tours

The city of Benidorm is located in the province of Alicante and is part of the Autonomous Community of Valencia. Famous tourist center, it is located on the banks among the sandy beaches of «Poniente» and «Levante».

Benidorm has various categories of hotels 199 3, 4 and 5 star, so here, on tours to Spain, can safely come even avid economists. In the city a large selection of bars and restaurants. It is a paradise for gourmets, where you can meet Spanish, Italian, French and even Indian cuisine. Read more "

Flights to Alicante from Moscow cheap direct flight without transplants

Flights to Alicante from Moscow cheap direct flight without transplantsOn this page you can find and buy the cheapest flights to Alicante airport El Altet from Moscow, a direct flight without a transplant, the best prices and offers! Read more "

Pink Flamingo in Spain photos and videos

Pink Flamingo in Spain photos and videosPink Flamingos can be found year-round on the Spanish coast of Costa Blanca near the town of salt lakes Santa Pola province of Alicante, the Autonomous Community of Valencia. Read more "

Spain Birds - falcons, owls and owls

Spain Birds - owls

Spain Birds - owls - they can often be seen at night on rooftops, in the evening at dusk, owls come out to hunt and make a break only at midnight, and then again continue to hunt owls, Read more "
Green wild parrots in the video Spain, parrots Kalita (Myiopsitta monachus)

Green wild parrots in the video Spain, parrots Kalita (Myiopsitta monachus) Green wild parrots in the video Spain, parrots Kalita (Myiopsitta monachus). Originally they are from South America, a few decades ago they were brought to Spain, where they are well accustomed and multiplied across the south of the Iberian Peninsula. They live on the palms of entire flocks, fly over the urbanization of Orihuela Costa, a close side by side with them, proteins on the palms       Read more "

What should know Russian tourist visiting Spain?

What should know Russian tourist visiting Spain?Spain - one of the warmest countries in Europe. In winter the temperature almost never drops below + 10 Co. Spain attracts more than 50 million. Tourists annually. This is due to its rich cultural heritage, numerous attractions and the opportunity to combine a beach holiday and familiarity with the architectural monuments.
Many of the attractions of Spain are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. But in addition to architectural monuments Spain is notable also for its natural data (Sierra Nevada mountain chain of the Pyrenees mountain range, national park on the island of Tenerife), as well as world-renowned cultural traditions (bullfights, flamenco). Read more "

Police in Spain Policia Local

Police in Spain Policia LocalPolice in Spain defends and protects everyone who is in the territory of the Kingdom Espana Read more "

Cheap flights to Spain, air plane tickets

Flights to Spain, buy cheap onlineAutumn is a great time to take a long-planned trip to Spain. peak season time will present impressions and memories no less than the hot summer.
If we are going to go, you want to costs not hit on the wallet. A significant part of the costs when planning your trip is usually spent on the purchase of airline tickets to Spain. Read more "

On the high-speed train Renfe AVE from Barcelona to Paris for 6 hours!

The cost of tickets for high-speed train from Barcelona to Paris from 58 euros. The first tickets were sold out 2000 2 for an hour. The same high-speed train will carry you out in Madrid Read more "

Strict punishment of corruption in Spain

7 years in prison received the former mayor of Marbella and Sevilla president. Officials worked on a simple scheme of money laundering - the Mayor of Marbella has exhibited false invoices, and the president of Seville paid for them from the state treasury of Spain, Read more "

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