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Holidays in Spain

     -National and religious holidays in Spain - Videos and photo reports from the event online! Holidays Spaniards know how to celebrate in a special, on a large scale, beautiful costumes, songs, dances, wine and of course Spanish music! Smiles and good mood - these are the main attributes of any Spanish Fiesta!

So the Spaniards go for the holidays
Holidays in Spain

1-January - New Year (Año Nuevo)
6-January - - Epiphany - The Appearance of Christ to the people Feast of the Three Kings
January 19 day Saint. Antonio patron saint of animals, barbecue in Torrevieja
February - Carnival in Torrevieja - Days change every year
19-March - St. Jose - Feast of the Popes (Feliz Dia del Padre)
Catholic Easter - is celebrated every year in different ways. in the year 2017 13 and 14 April -Output days (Holy Thursday and Holy Friday) April 16 2017 year - Easter. 17 April - Easter Monday.
28-April - St. Vincent Ferrer (noted only in Torrevieja)
1-May - Labour Day
16-July - Virgin of Carmen (noted only in Torrevieja)
August 15-th - the Day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Virgin Asuncion
9-October - Day of Valencia (Celebrated in the Valencian Community)
12 October - National Day of Spain (Fiesta Nacional de España)
1-th November to All Saints' Day Halloween (All Saints Day)
6-December - the Day of the Spanish Constitution
8-December - the Day of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary (Inmaculada Concepción De Maria)
25-December - Christmas (Navidad)

Christmas is celebrated in Catholic and Protestant countries 25 December in the Gregorian calendar. The Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas too 25 December but in the old style, ie, the Julian calendar, which corresponds to January 7 new style.

We also want to remind that in Spain in Torrevieja there is a Russian Orthodox Church - Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

8 December - Day of Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary (Inmaculada Concepción De Maria)

8 December - Day of Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary (Inmaculada Concepción De Maria)     8 December throughout Spain bank holiday. Residents of Spain celebrate an important Catholic holiday Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary - Catholic dogma, according to which the Virgin Mary was conceived by normal parents Anna and Joakim but it has not passed the original sin - the first sin committed in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve progenitors.

In a formal sense, he is Read more "

9 October - Valencian Community in Spain and Valentine's Day!

9 October festival in Valencia Spain Day9 and 10-October holiday in Spain in the autonomous community of Valencia, which includes 3 Province: Alicante, Castellon and Valencia - all three of them have a coastline of the Mediterranean Sea 518 km. In Spanish this holiday sounds Dia de la Comunitat Valenciana. 9 1928 October, King Jaime I founded a new kingdom of Valencia Read more "

Program autumn holidays in Spain 2014, San Miguel de Salinas Fiestas

Program autumn holidays in Spain 2014, San Miguel de Salinas FiestasGreetings dear friends, those who rest or live in a wonderful sunny all year round with a beautiful country called Spain. I bring to your attention the program calendar of holidays in the Spanish town with a population of slightly more than 8 thousand inhabitants of San Miguel de Salinas, which is in 10 km from the town of Torrevieja. Read more "

San Juan Holiday in Spain 23 night of June, bonfires on the beach

San Juan Holiday in Spain NightOn the night of 23 24 to June every year in all the cities of Spain celebrate St. Joan, an analogue of our Midsummer, the summer folk festival of pagan origin. At this time, the longest daylight hours of the year and the shortest night, and what symbolizes San Juan holiday - the victory of light over darkness. The history of this holiday begins from the time of paganism, so tradition and ritual inherited from the pre-Christian culture. Read more "

The May Fair in Spain, Torrevieja, performance horses

feria-de-mayo-torrevieja_2039 with 14 18 May 2014 on year in the port of Torrevieja in Spain held the May Fair Feria de Mayo - in Spanish and May Fair as the English say: the performance of various musical groups and dance academies, horse cavalcade exhibition of horses and carriages, Sevillana dancing, Read more "

Catholic Easter in Spain

Catholic Easter in Spain Spain - A very religious country and Catholic holidays are very beautiful costumes and live music. Semana Santa in Spain - This is Holy Week, which in all Spanish cities every day are religious processions. Ends Semana Santa at Easter in the tradition of the Catholic Easter Sunday. All involved in the Easter procession - the inhabitants of the city. Read more "

19 March Spain holiday - holiday dads (Father's Day)

Spain March 19 holiday - holiday dads19 March throughout Spain holiday weekend - Father's Day in Spain! Religious holiday, it is celebrated all Catholic Christians and people of other religious confessions living in the territory of the Spanish kingdom! Celebrated on the day of St. Jose (Joseph) father of Jesus Christ. Read more "

Carnival in Spain photos videos Carnival procession in Torrevieja

Carnival in Spain 2014, Torrevieja show in carnival costumes Every year in February Spain immersed in an atmosphere of carnivals, which marks the end of winter (similar to Russia this week carnival) and the Catholic tradition is the last holiday before 40 day fast and Spaniards use these days to the maximum to enough fun. As you can see in the video and photo carnaval costumes Spaniards attach great importance - there are costumes Read more "

Calendar of holidays in Spain

Calendar 2014 holidays in Spain National holidays in Spain are always the weekend around the country - no one and nothing is working, even most foods stores. There are also festivals that celebrate certain regions of the Spanish kingdom. Read more "

Merry holidays in Spain in January, free barbecues on the day of Pigs

Holidays in Spain in January, the day of St. Antonio patron of animals In January of each year in Spain celebrated a very fun day Pigs. On this day the animals were sacrificed their home mainly pigs slaughtered. On the day of the pig Read more "

Holidays in Spain - Day of the Three Kings, the Magi from the 5 6 on January Epiphany Catholic

Three Kings Day photo and video report In the New Year ten days, on the night of January 5 6 on Spain celebrated another religious Catholic Three Kings Day holiday-Mages (Día de los Reyes Magos) - Pagan kings Caspar, Melchor and Balthasar (Melchor, Gaspar y Baltasar), who according to the biblical giving went to Bethlehem in search of the newborn Jesus, led by the star of Bethlehem (Estrella de Belen) and brought Baby Jesus of Nazareth gifts (gold, myrrh and incense).
King Melchor brought gifts of gold - worthy king Balthazar myrrh - the medicinal plant (the ability of Jesus to heal) and Balthazar incense - a symbol of deity, a gift for the Church Teacher's. Read more "

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