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Holidays in Spain

Major festivals in Spain, tomato fights, carnivals, bullfights

Major festivals in Spain, tomato fights, carnivals, bullfightsSpain, located in the south-western part of Europe, a country with a rich and varied traditions and festivities. Festivals in Spain have a deep history and are the grand event, which is celebrated throughout the country. Read more "

New Year's Eve in Spain - the busiest time of festivals and celebrations

New Year's Eve in Spain - the busiest time of festivals and celebrationsSpain on New Year turns into a real masquerade around the main tree installed in each city. The country is not accustomed to the New Year snow, knows how to have fun without winter activities.
The Spanish know how to have fun, so wherever you went to Spain for the New Year, all tourists will be glad to feast and entertainment. 28 December, the country celebrated April Fools' Day, and such a sight would be remiss to skip, so you can plan a trip at the end of the month, so as not to miss the interesting drawings and performances. Read more "

6 of December - the National Day holiday in Spain Kostitutsii

6 December - the National Day holiday in Spain Kostitutsii6 December Spanish Constitution Day (Día de la Constitución) - a public holiday, a day off.

     6 декабря 1978 года Spanish people Read more "

Christmas in Spain Christmas gifts store in Zenia Boulevard

Christmas in Spain, Shop New Year's giftsGifts for Christmas and New Year? Oh, this eternal question! Take care of the gifts you need to advance. Agree, no one likes to get something boring and standard. A pair of socks or bought at the last minute perfume bottle hardly decorate holiday. Rather, hopelessly spoiled the mood. Original decor is a gift! Home decor is increasingly coming into fashion, especially on holiday when it is so important that the house was not only comfort, but also elegant beauty. Read more "

Holidays in Spain in January and February

1 of January - New Year Año Nuevo
6 of January - Catholic Epiphany - the feast of the Magi
20 January - Tamborrada in San Sebastian Read more "

Salut in Spain, San Miguel festival, fireworks show HD

End 2013 fiesta in Spain
Read more "

Holidays in November and December in Spain

Holidays in November and December in SpainComing holidays: 1 November All Saints' Day (hallowin) Constitution Day December 6, 25 December Christmas. Read more "

Competition horses in Spain photos and videos

On the Saturday before festive giant paellaIn the Spanish town of San Miguel de Salinas were riding competitions.
There were horse-drawn carriage Read more "

Giant paella in Spain, the completion of holidays on Sunday

On holiday in the Spanish city of San Miguel De Salinas everyone treated free paella with meat! In the last week of the fiesta on Sunday all the people proud and guests gather to eat a giant paella, many do it yourself, take the pan, food, wine, put together tables and celebrate. Very fun! Read more "

Halloween Halloween in Spain, Marsh Zombies hits in Torrevieja

Halloween will be held 31 October in Torrevieja at 21: 30 from Square Plaza de La Constitución and Read more "

Parade of gay costumes in Spain, in the autumn holidays

Funny costumes parade in Spain, Desfile de Carrozas y DisfracesSo what that and know how to celebrate the holidays Spaniards on special, in a big way, beautiful costumes, singing, dancing, wine and of course Spanish music! Smiles and high spirits - these are the main attributes of any Spanish Fiesta! The main street of the city was surrounded by police, according to her coach, and drove the car with huge column near which satisfied and happy Spanish, English, Scandinavian, French, Russian, Ukrainian danced fiery rhythms of popular Latin pop hits. Read more "


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