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For sale in Spain Apartment for rent in Rocio del Mar Torrevieja, 87 000 €

Apartment in Spain in Torrevieja Rocio del Mar in 400 meters from the sea and the beach. Details and video! AT October in Spain It keeps a good warm weather, the air temperature during the day + 25 ° C, the water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the city of Torrevieja + 23 ° C. Today we want you to show the secondary real estate by the sea - a cozy apartment in Spain with a good prospect of rent in Rocio del Mar Torrevieja! Read more "

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Cheap property in Spain in the sea town of Torrevieja, the price of up to 45 000 €

Cheap property in Spain in Torrevieja grams, the price of up to 45 000 €Hello. We present to you an overview of real estate in Spain on the coast. Apartments, studios and bungalows costing up to 45 000 euros.

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: Studio, located in La Mata, is a suburb of Torrevieja. The resort town with developed infrastructure and a beautiful sandy beach. Studio on the floor c 5 magnificent sea green lake and mountains House with closed territory, green areas and a swimming pool.
Price 39 900 600 meters to the beach
Read more "

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New apartments in Spain with 2 and 3 bedrooms 2018 year of construction, prices from 146 900 €

New apartments in SpainWe suggest you purchase a beautiful modern apartments with 2-Name and 3-bedroom Art Nouveau in Spain on the Costa Blanca Near the city of Torrevieja in Los Altos.
The apartments are located in a closed residence with green area, a large heated swimming pool, Finnish and Turkish saunas, SPA, Jacuzzi and gym. Read more "

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New villa in Spain from the builder, floor 3, 5 bedrooms, price € 339000

New villa in SpainHello, dear visitors of our site! Today we will show you new villa in Spain from the builder with its own plot of land, private pool on the 6 3 meters and parking in an enclosed modern residential complex with an automatic gate, which is located in the Spanish resort town of Torrevieja in 1.5 km from the sea. Read more "

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Your new apartment in Spain, real estate in the sea for permanent residence! 148 000 €

Your new apartment in SpainIn previous times we have shown to you a new property in Spain on the Mediterranean coast - 3-bedroom bungalow with 2-bedroom suite Vistabella's residence in the town of Torrevieja (south of Alicante province).
Recall when buying data objects you get from us a gift - a complete package of new home furniture, household and kitchen appliances! Today we'll show 4-bedroom bungalow with 3-bedroom, Read more "

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When buying a new bungalow in Spain pack furniture and household appliances for free!

New property in SpainBuy new bungalow in Spain and get a gift from our company a complete package of furniture and household appliances! Modern bungalow, built 2015 located on the Mediterranean coast of Costa Blanca in Torrevieja, is mild favorable climate, warm sea from May to November, the average number of sunny days a year - 320Developed infrastructure, a variety of shops, supermarkets, restaurants and entertainment.
Bungalow 2-bedrooms with fitted wardrobes coupe, 2 bath rooms, a spacious living room with open plan kitchen, terrace, patio. Lower bungalow on the ground floor of a piece of land belongs to the house, private garden area 28 m2 and bungalows on the second floor has its own solarium area 70 m2 overlooking the Mediterranean Sea Read more "

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Spain Online: Symbol of Torrevieja Old Watch Tower at the coast

Symbol of the city of Torrevieja Old Watchtower on the coast     Torrevieja is a resort town in Spain on the Mediterranean coast, Which is considered the capital of the Russian-speaking population living in Spain. In addition to Russian, Ukrainians and Belarusians living in Torrevieja citizens of 120 countries, this cosmopolitan city in which everyone feels free. The symbol of the city is the old guard 14 century stone tower, located on the highest point of this part of the coast of Spain, the tower offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean sea and coastline in both directions Read more "

New apartments in Spain in Torrevieja, real estate developer from 2015 Built year

New apartments in Spain in TorreviejaFor sale apartment in Spain in Torrevieja! Modern 3-storey house of a business class with a panoramic glass elevator, consisting of 49 apartments. Apartments on the first and second floor consist of: 2-bedrooms with fitted wardrobes, spacious living room with kitchen in American style with a breakfast bar, 2 bathrooms with showers, 2 terraces. Read more "

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Torrevieja Apartment in Spain with sea view, real estate on the first line price 129 950 €

Torrevieja Apartment in Spain with sea view, first line to buy real estate abroad 2015 pricesFor sale a spacious 3-bedroom apartment with sea views in Spain, Torrevieja on the first line of the sea! have personal access to the sandy beach Asekseon (Acequion) he immediately in front of house, and 100 meters to the sandy beach for residents of the house Naufragos (Playa Los Naufragos). The apartment in Spain with beautiful views from the living room terrace of the endless blue sea and coastline with sandy beach. Read more "

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4-bedroom apartment in Spain on the beach in 50 meters from the beach

Apartment in Spain by the seaIn Spain, on the seafront in 50 meters from the sandy beach sold 4-bedroom apartment is newly renovated: new plumbing, floor tiles and laminate flooring, new windows and doors, new furniture and beautiful decor. Read more "

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