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3 bedroom apartment in La Mata Torrevieja, the price of an apartment on the Mediterranean coast

3 bedroom apartment in La Mata Torrevieja 3 bedroom apartment in Torrevieja La Mata area of ​​65 m2 located on the Mediterranean coast in 50 meters from the sandy beach of La Mata (Torrevieja) includes:

2 bedrooms

1 bathroom

lounge with kitchenette and a balcony Read more "

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What special attracts the buyers of Spanish property Torrevieja?

Spanish property TorreviejaIf talk about Torrevieja went 20 years ago, it would be possible to mention only the dunes, dry grass and seaweed, which are located on the shores covered with salt. But now in the court of XXI century and the building boom has changed many cities in different countries. Torrevieja has not become the exception. Now, in this picturesque Spanish city you can find a lot of modern buildings, equipped beach and plenty of locals and foreigners. What is it attracts people to this place to buy local real estate? Read more "

Luxury villa by the sea in Torrevieja in Spain on the coast of Torreblanca

3-x etazhanaya villa near the sea in Torrevieja in Spain 3-x etazhanaya villa near the sea in Torrevieja in Spain, Torreblanca area. The villa is situated on the first line of the Mediterranean sea, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, great views.
4 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
2 terraces, recreation area with barbecue stove. Read more "

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Natural Park of Nations in Torrevieja, Spain, Costa Blanca

IMG_2279Very nice park Nations in Torrevieja - a great place for walking family! Read more "

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