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Animals and birds in Spain

What kind of animals, birds and insects are surrounded by people in Spain, on the Costa Blanca? Photos and video of the animal world in the province of Alicante in the city Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa!

Our Pirate Silver - African Grey talking parrot Jaco

IMG_8644Hello! We live in Spain and together with our African Gray parrot Jaco Silver! He 1.5 years old, and my mother and father had different subspecies - Red-and Burohvostogo Jaco Read more "

Safari parks in Spain, an open-air zoo

IMG_1755Buenos dias! Today we tell you about 2-x safari parks in Spain in the province of Alicante. First Rio Safari Elche is as the name implies near the Spanish city of Elche (map at the bottom of the page), and the second we liked much more Safari Park Aitana - it is in the mountains and occupies a vast area, on it you'll travel by car, in most locations, you can go out machines except a fenced area where lions and tigers live :-) . Read more "

Fish of the Mediterranean Sea in Spain

Fish of the Mediterranean Sea Photo On a variety of underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea gives the red, but it is much richer in the Black Sea. Different types of fish - hake, sea bream, tuna, bakadilya, sardines, etc. Read more "

Pink Flamingo in Spain photos and videos

Pink Flamingo in Spain photos and videosPink Flamingos can be found year-round on the Spanish coast of Costa Blanca near the town of salt lakes Santa Pola province of Alicante, the Autonomous Community of Valencia. Read more "

Spain Birds - falcons, owls and owls

Spain Birds - owls

Spain Birds - owls - they can often be seen at night on rooftops, in the evening at dusk, owls come out to hunt and make a break only at midnight, and then again continue to hunt owls, Read more "
Green wild parrots in the video Spain, parrots Kalita (Myiopsitta monachus)

Green wild parrots in the video Spain, parrots Kalita (Myiopsitta monachus) Green wild parrots in the video Spain, parrots Kalita (Myiopsitta monachus). Originally they are from South America, a few decades ago they were brought to Spain, where they are well accustomed and multiplied across the south of the Iberian Peninsula. They live on the palms of entire flocks, fly over the urbanization of Orihuela Costa, a close side by side with them, proteins on the palms       Read more "

Wild cats in Spain, cool video about cats

This Orihuela Costa, between Cabo Roig and Dehesa de Campoamor, near Torrevieja
Read more "

Proteins in Spain, pictures and video on a palm tree squirrels

Proteins in Spain, photos These proteins live year round in the urbanization of Orihuela Costa, jump on the palm and pine trees, playing with each other, the people rejoice. Read more "

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