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Life in Spain

Reviews Russian people living in Spain on the quality of life and other immigration issues - safety, health and medicine, education and training, food prices, Alcohol, household goods, fruits and vegetables, furniture, household appliances.

The life of Russian immigrants in Spain online

Stroganoff's Life in Spain

Spain - this is when ... facts about life in Spain

Photos Spain 2016Spain - this is when the bus driver or police officer says hello to you, have a nice day!
Spain - this is when you got a look at the person in the store and he asked how you're doing.
Spain - this is when the machine the police, Fire or ambulance ride with flashing lights blazing, all machines including a counter movement pressed against the side of the road and stop letting them.
Read more "

Life in Spain online, our new photos from Instagram Fotospain

Life in Spain online, our new photos from Instagram FotospainLife in the Kingdom of Spain online, our new photos from Instagram. The Mediterranean coast Costa Blanca and Costa Calida, autonomous community of Valencia, in the province of Alicante and region. Community of Murcia. Read more "

New Year Greetings from sunny Spain

Happy New Year 2016 fiery Monkeys!Happy New Year 2016 fiery Monkey! We wish you happiness, love, harmony, vitality, strength, hope, health, patience, dreams and its execution, warmth, good luck, happiness, wealth, power, light, inspiration, smile, success, kindness, loyalty, enthusiasm! And steep climbs, colorful life, fortitude, fire, desire and the intoxication of happiness! Read more "

Confirmation diploma in Spain, higher education, qualification

Confirmation diploma in Spain, higher education, qualificationIn order to formally apply for a high paying job in Spain, you need to verify your diploma of higher education. Confirmation is obtained by equating your qualifications specific university project in Spain. Read more "

Consumer prices in Spain 2015 reduced, high rates of economic growth

Consumer prices in Spain are falling, high economic growthAccording to the Spanish statistical agency INE (the same is confirmed residents of Spain) CPI Spain, harmonized with EU standards, decreased in October 2014 0,2% year on an annualized basis. Consumer prices in Spain Read more "

Tourist market in the Spanish city of Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa

Parrots figurines to decorate the houseIf you are on holiday in Spain, be sure to check out the tourist market, it is open every day, but moved to different cities. In this market you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, leather goods, handbags, wallets, sunglasses, toys, decorations, etc. Local people also go to the market - where you can buy excellent fresh fruit, herbs, fruits and vegetables. The quality of products each trading their tents, so look at the appearance, smell, color, and be sure to try - it allowed the Spanish market Read more "

Hot Phones of emergency services in Spain

IMG_6515How to call the police or an ambulance being in Spain? Below is a list of the tourist hot phones abroad in Spain, emergency services from a cell phone the Costa Blanca, in the province of Alicante, Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa and surrounding area. Read more "

Telephone calls and mobile communications in Spain

Telephone calls and mobile communications in SpainMany tourists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus coming into Spain face the problem of choosing a mobile operator in the city center. The easiest and cheapest way is to buy a local SIM card. To do this you need to go to any office of the network and say: "Quiero comprar una tarjeta SIM" it means - I want to buy a SIM card. Or say it in English - all sellers in Spain for at least 2 know the language - Spanish and English. Read more "

New amendments to traffic regulations in Spain

New rules of the road in Spain In March, Congress 2014 Spain adopted new amendments and additions to the existing traffic rules on the roads of Spain, concerning not only the drivers and riders, and pedestrians and cyclists. Read more "

How much are the products in Spain, the price of meat is pork, beef, lamb

How much are the products in Spain, the price of meat is pork, beef, lamb Spain, Spain ... A wonderful country ... Anyone who has ever been in Spain can not agree with these words. Are you still in doubt? Spain not only solar, clean and very funny country, it is also not expensive, I would say affordable! Prices in Spain are not great. Although supermarkets and markets are a huge number. Big Bag items and household products for a family of 2-2 adults and children-s will cost you Read more "


Prices of machinery in Spain, Media Markt electronics store

European quality vacuum cleaners Prices of machinery in Spain, Media Markt electronics store Read more "


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