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The procedure for the purchase of property in Spain

IMG_0065     Want to buy a property in Spain by the sea? To make a purchase you need to choose a reliable agent for working with Spanish real estate. Prepare the necessary documents for purchase (see below). Fly to Spain, at least 5-7 days, get acquainted with the options for real estate, choose the option you like.
✔ Make cash, plastic card or by transfer from an account in a Russian bank on behalf of the seller up to the reserve from the 3000 6000 euros (which is included), and get your hands on a preliminary agreement the reservation object.
✔ Open an account in a Spanish bank and transfer him the necessary amount for the purchase of real estate (minimum of 30% of the cost of housing).
✔ Get tax NIE number of a foreigner. He is required to activate an account in a Spanish bank.
✔ Assign convenient for both you and the date of signing the main seller of the real estate purchase contract. If you are buying a resale property in Spain, before signing you need to take a bank check in the amount equal to the value of the property, with the exception of previously entered the reserve. When buying a new property you need to take a bank check for the remaining amount specified in the preliminary contract with the developer. As a general rule to the signing of the basic contract it is 50% of the cost.
✔ When signing the main contract of sale (Escritura Publica de Compraventa) in the presence of a notary is an exchange of a bank check for the keys to your property in Spain.

Documents required for opening a bank account in Spain:

1. International passport
2. Certificate of employment indicating your name, position and salary
3. Information on the income of physical persons (a maximum of 2 years) in Russia is 2 PIT.
- If you want to open a bank account for two, it is necessary to provide a marriage certificate and you can provide a certificate of the income of the spouse / spouse.
The account will be open and available for the receipt of funds, but is not available for withdrawal until the presentation of the NIE.

* If you do not work officially and can not provide a certificate from the employer, the suit any proof of income - where the money for the purchase: the agreement of sale of real estate, car, garage, it is still something, the main thing that was the legal origin of the confirmation of funds - so require all Spanish banks.

Documents required to obtain a NIE

1. A completed application form with the indication of personal data.
2. international passport
3. 2 3 color photos on 4 cm
4. Copy or reverse your plane tickets
5. Preliminary agreement redundant property in Spain
6. Extract from the bank, which proves the existence of buying housing required for this money (at least 30% of the cost of housing)

How to transfer money to your bank account in Spain?

1. Transfer money from your account in a Russian bank.
You can do this in two ways:

1a. Through online banking details on your account - they'll give you a Spanish bank in the international IBAN format.
1b. Come to the office of the bank in Russia and order the translation into your bank account in Spain, presenting * Notification to open an account abroad.

* According to Russian legislation, every citizen of Russia with the opening of a bank account in another country is obliged to notify his tax office within 30 days. None of the Russian bank will transfer money from your account in any bank of Russia on your bank account in Spain as long as you do not show them a "Notice of opening an account with a bank located outside the territory of the Russian Federation" signed and sealed by the tax authority.

What do I need to do?

1. Download Notification of opening a bank account located outside the territory of the Russian Federation.
2. Print it in 2-copies, fill in your details and bank account open an account in a Spanish bank account and include them in their tax residence. There you are obliged to put the stamp and signature of at 2-copies. 1 remain in the tax service, 1 you show the bank in Russia, where you opened the account when'll make a request to transfer money to an account in a Spanish bank with notice that the bank will remove the copy and the original will be given to you. It must be done in all 1 time, all future transactions made without the notice.

2. Husband makes transfer from Russia to account in Spain, wife - Or on the contrary, most importantly kinship, then the tax office is not required to notify. It is under the Russian legislation is regarded as a relative care :-) .

3. You can put the cash into the account being in Spain, Bringing cash with them on the plane. Remember that without a customs declaration to carry on the plane over 10 000 1 $ on the person can not. With the declaration, you can carry on the plane any amount, but you must have documents proving the origin of the money (the contract of sale of real estate, vehicle, services, etc.)

You can also make a power of attorney to the person close to you to carry out banking transactions on your behalf.

In some areas of Orihuela Costa (that are the responsibility of the military authorities) is also required Certificate of no criminal record. Where you can pre-order and get the community to the police. Then it assure Apostille that for Russian citizens put in the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice (MOJ Russia).
A certificate of non-conviction is needed only for citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. For citizens of EU countries it is not required.

Taxes and costs associated with buying property in Spain
Taxes and the cost of maintaining a property in Spain
Documents required to obtain a mortgage in Spain for foreigners

Real estate agent of choice in Spain Margarita


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Question from Vladimir from Moscow: "Hello. Can I as a non-resident to buy an apartment in Spain? "
Realtor Margaret: "Yes, of course. Most of the citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other former CIS countries who are buying property in Spain - European non-residents "


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  • Kristobal Juan

    Well, no, actually very informative and well, and most importantly without water. Tell me, real estate acquisition in Spain of up to 100 thousand. Euro allows for further decoration of the residence permit?

    • Property in Spain

      Good afternoon! Thank you! acquisition of real estate in Spain until 500 thousand euros entitles you to apply for a visa D and remain in Spain until 6 months. in the year. Articles on this topic

  • Stas Pugachev

    document the origin of the funds to purchase real estate (services agreement, purchase and sale of housing, cars, etc.). can be translated in Spain? And how much is pervod?

    • Property in Spain

      Good afternoon! Yes, of course you can, now one page format is A4 41 euros.

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    Good health !! Prompt please, but as a Russian schools? Do they? Thank you.

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      Good afternoon! Schools in Spain has Spanish and English -

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    Hello! How long and under what conditions an inexpensive real estate in Spain, the owner can apply for a residence permit, and if this status is transmitted to the children (in the absence of a spouse)? Thank you.

    • Property in Spain - Margarita and Aleksey

      Residence permit for work or funds in the account is not inherited. But you can attach minors. Availability of real estate in the property does not matter. This applies only to the purchase of real estate from the 500 000 euros.

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    Good afternoon, tell me, please, how must be certified by the documents for the purchase of property in Spain in the mortgage? Translated Translation services into Spanish or to be more apostille?

    • Property in Spain - Margarita and Aleksey

      Good afternoon! Translation of your documents, you can do here in Spain, in a sworn translator - this we always assist our clients. Apostille should be placed in Russia only in the certificate of good conduct - but it is not always necessary, but only in certain areas, depending on the location of the selected property in Spain.

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    I want to buy an apartment in Spain. Money for the purchase is given by my friend. How can I spend this money? A friend does not want to figure in this deal.

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      Good afternoon! Bring cash and for declaring. In Spain, we can put up with you to 100 000 euro on declaration.

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        And how will Irina prove the legal origin of this money that her friend gives her? Even if she brings them cash, while she will need to open an account and prove the "legality" of these funds. I just have a partially similar studio, that's what I'm interested in.

        • Property in Spain - Margarita and Aleksey

          In your question already there is an answer, it is necessary to confirm the legality of the means. It can be a contract of sale of something, dividends, earned money in a firm, etc.

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    Tell me, please, do you and the citizens of Latvia also work? ;)

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      Good afternoon! Of course, we work with citizens of most countries. And from Latvia we have several satisfied customers who have already become our friends. We are glad to help you, contact, our contacts you can find on this page -

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    Tell me. you are welcome. My husband and I plan to buy real estate for less than 500 thousand euros. We will be able to come for 180 days. How much can this last. When we will have the opportunity to apply for vmzh
    (Husband is an Israeli citizen, I am a Ukrainian citizen)

    • Property in Spain - Margarita and Aleksey

      Good afternoon! We recommend that you familiarize yourself with this article - - getting a Spanish residence permit

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    Good evening. I want to buy a property in Spain, my daughter, what do I need? We have permanent residency and Finnish citizenship. Do we need Nie?

    • Property in Spain - Margarita and Aleksey

      Hello! NIE needs, it is necessary, this is the tax number of the foreigner. The process of obtaining fast. We will help you to arrange it. You need to come to see the real estate, decide on the option. We fully follow the process of the purchase and sale transaction. - Real estate in Spain by the sea

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