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4K video from the air, SpainAt the word "Spain" comes to mind is the bullfight, flamenco and the smell of tangerines. And that's not the most important and interesting in this beautiful country. For many, many Russians - is the ability to touch to all this beauty, and not spending fabulous money. Because buy house by the sea it is the real thing in Spain.

It should be said about the quality of the property you offer to investors the Spanish builders. When the house is rented, it means that you simply enter into it, and you will live, because there are very strict requirements for final finishing of housing. Commissioned apartments are completely finished, but by a separate agreement, also equipped with all necessary appliances.
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Of course, choosing Spain as a country in which there is to buy real estate, you want the house or apartment was located on the Mediterranean coast, which is considered to be more soft and clean, rather than, for example, Black. Here mild climate is subtropical, and if you buy a property in Spain, the coast of the warm sea will always be at your disposal. Especially popular Costa Blanca for investments - the most ecological place in the country, as well as the Costa del Sol and Costa Brava, located on the border with France.
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If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle - a better place than Spain, you will not find. Mediterranean Kitchen It is considered the most useful for human beings. The abundance of seafood, due to the proximity to the sea, attracts people who want to relax in a clean place and eat fresh food. In this country 320 days of sunshine a year, the entire coast is literally littered with tennis courts and golf clubs. That is, to spend an active weekend, while working out at your leisure for the inhabitants of this country, or who came to it - not a problem. And it can be done all year round.
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And it offers SPA-salons and massage parlors. In Spain, tourism is very developed, and all industries that cater to travelers and visitors to the country. For example, the beaches are always clean, a lot of health centers, where you can get help quickly if you hurt yourself. At any beach bound to have a rescue team immediately reacts in case of danger.
4K video from the air, Spain
     The property you bought in Spain, Will bring you a lot of pleasant hours in the town. If you can not live in the country permanently, your apartment is easy to rent out, because anyone wants to spend at least some time in the sun Spanish beaches.

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