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Houses, villas and apartments in Spain in the South of the province of Alicante

Villas and apartments in SpainIt is very advantageous for today to invest in buying a property in Spain. Moreover, such a purchase has many undeniable preferences. Among all European countries, Spain has the longest Mediterranean coast, which is equipped with modern beaches. The Mediterranean Sea is also warm for most of the year, allowing you to enjoy the bathing season from May to October, and the winter itself lasts only two months (although in winter the air temperature can rise to + 21 in the winter). If you are thinking about buying a house in one of the European countries, Spain will be pleased with the highest living standards and compliance with fashionable priorities.

Beach in Spain La Zenia and hotel on the beach

Beach in Spain La Zenia and hotel on the beach

Many people think of Spain as a paradise for living and leisure, when the sun heats almost all year round, and there are no gray, dull days. And choosing a house in Spain on the coast of the Costa Blanca, you can at least every day to pamper yourself with excellent Mediterranean cuisine, enjoying fresh sea delicacies that are caught here, plunge into the diversity of local architecture, walk through parks and cozy little places that amaze the crowds of tourists with their beauty and freshness. Indescribable local flavor, cheerfulness and openness of local residents, ancient cultural traditions and mild climate - what else is needed for happiness?
Villas and apartments in Spain

What is the purpose of choosing a property in Spain

An important condition is the high standard of living in Spain. If we draw parallels with such states as the United Kingdom and Germany, Spain is in no way inferior to them for the comfort of living, and in terms of its climate, in many respects surpasses these countries.

But do not take hasty decisions about buying. You need to carefully study the place where you want to live: infrastructure, location, proximity to highways and supermarkets. Only after this, you can invest in the most suitable option. This pleasure is expensive, so you need to think carefully and not rush to buy.

Sea view from the waterfront in Cabo Roig to Orihuela Costa

Sea view from the waterfront in Cabo Roig to Orihuela Costa

Privileges for buying high-end housing in Spain

In this country, relatively affordable housing prices, when compared with the sky-high prices and taxes on the seaside of other European countries. Recently, there has been a noticeable trend towards a stable increase in property prices in Spain by the sea, which will be an excellent investment for the future. It is worth noting that all the housing offered for sale, in excellent condition.

The state is sympathetic to foreigners. Spaniards are open, sociable people who are distinguished by a cheerful and hospitable character. This is also true for officials who do not prevent the acquisition of housing by residents of other countries.

The best place for summer holidays can not even be imagined: a gentle clean sea, sandy beaches, exotic fruits, fresh seafood and sea fish. Luxury hotels and spa complexes are erected. Acquisition of villas in Spain on the Mediterranean coast will be an excellent solution if you want to spend a leisurely vacation with your family. Your family will look forward to summer to go to an exotic country.

Photos of Spain, beach, 15 April 2018 year, Cabo Roig

Photos of Spain, beach, 15 April 2018 year, Cabo Roig

If the amount of money in your account is not enough to immediately acquire a luxurious home, take advantage of a bank mortgage loan. There is a mortgage system: you can get a mortgage loan in Spain under local law. For foreigners, the terms of the loan are very profitable: the payment period is up to 25 years, and the rate is 3% per year. Banks are pleased to grant loans to foreigners, which are no more than 70% of the total value of the villa or house. And for such a long period you will accurately pay out the loan, and high interest will not run up.

The country guarantees quality education, which is at a very high level. When buying property in Spain, you can get a quality European education on the spot. A very large number of educational institutions are located in Alicante and Valencia.

It turns out that the level of payment for municipal services is low. For the villa will have to lay out a maximum of 200-300 euros per month on condition of residing in it, and taxes for the year are about 350 euro. No additional payments for the maintenance of the house are provided for under the law. You can also significantly increase your income level when renting a house or villa in Spain for rent.
Villas and apartments in Spain
Only on your budget depends on where to buy housing. Maybe I want to buy a villa on the beach or prefer a cozy apartment in Spain in the heart of the city, but can be in a new house on the beach. In any case, buying a home in Spain is an advantageous investment with excellent prospects.

Carmen Island on the Captain's Bay beach in Cabo Roig, Orihuela Costa

Carmen Island on the Captain's Bay beach in Cabo Roig, Orihuela Costa

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