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The cost of electricity in Spain, the price of 1 kWh of electricity in Spain

Buy Real estate in SpainIn this article you will learn about the price of electricity in Spain, the average cost of electricity per month and how to save on the power bill in Spain?

Price 1 kilowatts of electricity in Spain to the authors. Community of Valencia 0,16 1 € per kilowatt electricity.

We have a family of 5 people (2 adults and 3 children) cost of electricity for 1 month is about 60-80 euros in summer and 130 euros winter, taking into account the electric heating (the end of November, December, January and February) and an electric water heater (if you have an electric water heater, which is the most common in small types of real estate in Spain on the coast).
For new properties in Spain - new buildings, villas, bungalows, townhouses - use of new technologies that reduce the cost of electricity by heating water to 75%. This solar collector and the latest technology Aeroterm.
The fee for electricity will be charged automatically from your bank account 1 every 2 months, you are no indications it is not necessary to remove and go anywhere, all this makes the staff of the Spanish energy company Iberdrola, after you mail will be sent invoices which will be given all the data: What is included in the price electricity, the amount of spent kilowatts and other, 54% of the amount specified in the power bill up taxes, service charges, local taxes, rental counters. The same can be seen in the electronic version on the website power company Iberdrola - It is written below as well and quickly done.

Photo invoices for electricity in Spain. Page 1 from 2-x.

Photo invoices for electricity in Spain. Page 1 from 2-x. Invoice amount € 154 - 2 it for a month for a family of 5 people.

At the end when in December or early January of year The energy company Iberdrola may write off the payment for electricity from your account 1 1 once a month rather than once a 1 2 month in the entire year. From 52% to 65% (percentage change during the year and depend on many factors) the bill is not to pay for the kilowatts used. As you can see on the invoice 55% of the payment amount is taxes, surcharges and other concepts (delivery of electricity, rental counter - it is not necessary to buy and when to approach its validity will replace it for you free of charge and without your knowledge, just as other services related to electricity :-) ) rest 45% is exactly payment of kilowatts used.
If you have a property in Spain - keep this in mind, even if you'll use electricity, the fee will still be removed, it depends on the area where you have property, by summing up the maximum power (on the invoice lower than it 5.75 kW) and other factors - You can specify them in the company of Iberdrola or watch them online or Online in the client section - There details of your account with an explanation of all the factors on each invoice.
electricidad en Espana

How to save electricity in Spain?

     Firstly, buying a property in Spain you save money on the electric meter, its free changing employees Energy Company, when appropriate replacement date. Same with the stabilization systems because Electricity is always stable and it does not shut off, so that your household electrical appliances will always be in perfect order.

     Second in the new Spanish property using new technologies in order to save the expense of generating electricity from sunlight, and here about 320 days of sunshine a year! It is of course solar panels for water heating for example. Electricity bills decrease by 70-80%.

You we wrote about the cost of electricity in Spain the ordinary rate. But there is a separate day and night tariff, It is called Nocturne, go to it can be anyone, it needs to contact the power company Iberdrola, leaving the application, for about 10 days come electrician and change the data on your counter, with the tariff change from your bank account to have a one-time write off 11 -15 euros. Price per kilowatt 1 on such fare is 6 and 18 night cents cents afternoon. But the trick is that from April to November summer night with 23-00 13-00 up :-)
in winter (From November to March inclusive) night before 22-00 12-00 day. Switching to this tariff will allow you to significantly reduce electricity costs in Spain.

Page 2 of invoices for electricity in Spain.

Page 2 of invoices for electricity in Spain.

All invoices for the electricity you will be sent to your mailbox, and the money is automatically deducted from your bank account, you do not need to remove the counter, does this employee energy company Iberdrola.
You can also register on the site and then Iberdrola will be able to see all the data online, accounts, expenses, etc. You can do this via the link where you need to specify that you are a customer of Iberdrola and enter your data: name, surname, e-mail, the reference of your contacts, your NIE, DNI, CIF or passport, to select the language and enter 4 last digits of your bank account.

The solar tower in Spain, Sevilla

The solar tower in Spain, Sevilla





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