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Spanish dance Flamenco Flamenco dance is igniting in Spain

Spanish dance FlamencoSpain, a country brave bullfighting and flamenco incendiary. Geographically, Spain is located in southwestern Europe. With its very edge. In addition to the continental part, Spain is also present in the Balearic and Pityusic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea and the Canary Islands - in the Atlantic Ocean. Neighbors speak Spanish Portugal, Andorra and France. His name is obliged to Spain Phoenician "i-punks" which meant literally - "beach bunnies." To date, Spain is a real tourist mecca. In just one year the country has more than fifty million people. Explained it all very simple - in Spain has a mild, so-called Mediterranean climate. Mass of sunny days and lots of great beaches.

incendiary dance Flamenco in Spain

But not only the nature and the sun is rich in Spain. This Mediterranean country has a rich historical and cultural heritage. This is one of the few European countries who keep and increase fusion of two cultures - Roman and Moorish. Combination of incongruous. And it is this symbiosis and presented to the world in the face of the rich cultural heritage of Spain that we can see today. Spanish Flamenco dance video, Spanish flamenco dance

And what can we see today? Our attention in Spain is represented by beautiful and rich cities. Elegant architecture is amazing. The richness of the performance is just driving you crazy. Imagine, for example, the streets of Valencia, which are paved with plates of red marble. Today, a high-priced bank can not be afforded by anyone - expensive. And the Spanish rulers in the Middle Ages felt that their subjects should receive and have everything only the best. Therefore, bought in Italy at the mine expensive red marble, available only for their aristocracy and paved them streets of the city. However, not only is marble underfoot this country is rich. In Madrid there is a magnificent museum of fine arts "PRADO".

Flamenco dance men video, Culture of Spain, Villamartin

Wealth, sophistication and diversity are so great that some canvases and the Louvre envy. From high, let's move on to mass. Corrida and flamenco. Gladiator fights and dance, which tells about the history of Spain. All this is so soulful, fascinating, that in a flash of time you forget where you come from and feel like a real Spaniard. One can not help saying a few words about the kitchen. In Spain, Mediterranean cuisine. On the coast, seafood is the most abundant in abundance. Everything is so delicious and exquisite that you fall in love with this country forever and start seriously thinking about buying real estate in this country.

Dance Flamenco in Spain

Spanish dance Flamenco

Spanish dance Flamenco


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