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New Year's greetings from Spain, with the New 2018 year!

New Year's greetings from Spain, with the New 2018 year!New 2018 Year is approaching. Year of yellow earth dog. From the rest of the ages it is said that as you will celebrate the New Year, it will be so. Since the next year the dog gets to the blessed patron, we can safely say that peace, love and bliss will reign this year. And let it be so. And if you have planned to travel for many years abroad, this period will be just the right moment.
with New 2018 year

Do not be confused by the bright images of this year, which leaves behind a vivid memory of the past. Because our patron will settle and put everything in its place. Patron 2018 year does not like inaction and laziness, so you should plan the year in advance so that you can realize your dreams as much as possible. And most importantly, adjust to hard work, because it will make your dreams come true. And if you do not believe it, try and see for yourself!

New Year Greetings from sunny Spain

With Petushkom we say goodbye,
And we'll bring Dog into the house.
Do not be afraid to let the winter,
It will be warm for her!

Let the wonderful New Year
Beauty will give us,
All of us will bring happiness
And the love of the dear eyes!

Do not spare tender words
Those who are more expensive no,
Who in the space of all worlds
It's like a radiant light.

The watch is magic at midnight
We are promised love and happiness.
Only you have to believe very much -
The sun will overcome the bad weather!

New Year's pictures

     The holiday should be family, but not noisy!

To such a bright holiday you can invent and prepare different games and contests, but best of all, this year to spend with the family. The dog loves a peaceful environment and she will do anything, for what it would be. Therefore, you should not abuse alcoholic beverages and use too noisy music. Let it be a modest, cozy and family holiday.

As for coziness, it would be nice to decorate the house in yellow golden ornament, including festive Christmas trees. Dress up with toys, garlands of the same color, but do not abuse this color. Skip several colors! Otherwise, if you have a dog at home, it can get lost in space and get lost (for those who do not have a sense of humor, you can skip this sentence).
new year 2018!

     Light meals of fruits and salads.

As for the dishes, it would be nice to decorate the table with exotic fruits and salads, enriched with your exotic dishes, such as sandwiches and snacks, red caviar and so on. And why in the center of all this not to decorate with pineapple (for stati, inside it too yellow color). For dessert, you can cook apple pie, and better that it was your own making.

Avoiding heavy dried products, you can stretch your holiday for a long time, until the morning, in a good festive mood. Although not necessarily stay awake all night. After all, next morning 1 January, will be the same 2018 year. The first brightest amazing New Year.

happy new year 2018

It would be good to spend the Old Year to celebrate the New Year. But only carry it in such a way that there would be strength for the New, the most interesting and brightest year. For this you can prepare different New Year's costumes, but the brightest of them is of course Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden. You can certainly order in advance and invite Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden, but it will be better if you dressed up yourself in such costumes, because only you and no one else so brightly decorate the New Year as yourself. Moreover, you will be impressed with the imagination of your children.
New Year's picture

Do not forget to prepare a camera, of course, to capture all this. And what would have been something to capture, organize different games and contests that add zest to your holiday. One of the most fun and funny games, for example, is fishing, which consists in the skill to put toys to the Christmas tree, with the help of fishing rods. However, you can pick up games at your discretion, just as much as your imagination suffices.

Well, after the feast and the game you can go out into the fresh air, take a walk and admire the night corners of your city (village) and fireworks. It will be very amusing if you do this on the shore of any lake or river, let's say in the city park. Therefore, plan a holiday in advance, prepare for the realization of your dreams. Cheerful mood! Good luck!

     And with the new 2018 Year! With new happiness!
winter landscape

Tuk-tuk-tuk, winter knocks,
And sneaks into the world January,
Father frost on the sled rushes,
Mandarins like amber
Gently glow, shine
Rain, tinsel, toys,
Happy New Year congratulations,
The cat sat down on the pillow.
And elegant such
Happiness in the small in needles
What a miracle, then this?
Well, of course, it's a Christmas tree.
And pelmenki, and salads,
Waffles, cake, chocolate,
At midnight, we are pleased,
New Year promenade.
The snow will swirl in the winter whirlwind,
All our happiness will make us happy
New Year. And quietly
Lunatic cat on the threshold
It will get, purr,
A lullaby will sing,
He will find all miracles,
After all, today is the New Year!
And wagging his tail
The Dog Will Run,
For the whole year I'm on a visit to you,
Yellow happiness!

winter forest
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