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Documents required for obtaining a mortgage in Spain

Mortgages in Spain for Russians Mortgage loan for the purchase of property in Spain is given to 60% of the cost of housing for 2,5-3,5% per annum for a period of up to 5 25 years. Either under 3% per annum at a fixed rate.
For residents of the European Union to 70% of the property value. For Spain resident to 80% of the cost of housing.

Documents required for a mortgage in Spain

1. Certificate of employment which must include: your salary in rubles, the period of work and your position and activity of the company (certified accountant or signed by the Directorate).

2. Expenses, income from bank account for 3-6 months, including balance on the day of discharge.

3. Help 2 PIT in the past and this year, the seal of the company where you work.

4. Help from the National Bureau of Credit Histories (it is desirable that credit history was clean, all the credits are redeemed or absent). Take the credit bureaus (for the Russians can be ordered online at Or in the loan department of your bank.

5. A letter of recommendation from the bank:

Example: "A citizen Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich has a bank account. Turnover on account of his past six months is ______ euros. The client has established itself as a reliable and diligent payer. "

6. A copy of the certificate to property (Copy of the certificate of ownership of real estate or land, garage, etc.).

7. For pensioners Official certificate of the receipt of a pension with an indication of the monthly payments for the last 12 months.

Documents for business owners to obtain a mortgage in Spain

* In addition to the above

1. Certificate LTD etc.
2. Tax return 3-personal income tax with the tax for the previous year 2, such as need for 2016 2014-2015 years. Or a certificate from the bank on the turnover of the company (if you are the owner of the enterprise)
     If you have your own business shares.
For example: "He speaks ______% of the shares _________________________. The shares are valued at the sum of EUR ______. "


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