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Spain in October, weather, photos, videos

Autumn in Spain begins with 21 September astrological calendar, but the warm weather persists in Spain, the whole of October, daytime temperatures reach marks in 26-28 degrees too warm nights = 18-22 degree commonplace in October. The water temperature in the Mediterranean, in October off the coast of the Costa Blanca in the area of ​​Orihuela Costa and Torrevieja is 24-25 degree in early October and about 21-22 degree at the end of the month. Rains are rare in the past month could be rain 2-3 days maximum, or may not be at all. Every year in October, the weather is still changing, here are average values.

Weather in Spain

Video filmed in October 18, Costa Blanca

Temperature in October in Spain

Temperature in October in Spain

Photography temperature in Spain in October 1

Photography temperature in Spain in October 1 2013 years

Weather 20 October, Spain, Torrevieja

Prices for tours to Spain in October, significantly lower than in August and September, and the weather and the sea does not cease to indulge!

Weather in Spain in October

Weather in November in Spain - temperature and water in the sea

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