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Spain - temperamental country

Starting a conversation about the top most visited countries in the world, I would like to pay attention to Spain, with its hospitable and temperamental people. Spain for many people - it certainly flamenco and bullfighting. The legendary Don Juan and Carmen - it is also about Spain.
Barcelona city rich in tourist attractions, including a monument to Christopher Columbus (symbol of Spain); Placa Catalunya, where there are new city and the old; popular Singing Fountain, National Palace, and others.
Having been in the capital, Madrid, you can not go past the town's main square Plaza Mayor (former theater bullfighting), and its symbol - the bear from the strawberry tree in the square called the Puerta del Sol. In the capital, visit on the Europe's largest Market El Rastro, where you can buy everything.
Spain is in most parts of the Iberian Peninsula. This is the hottest country in Western Europe. Its Mediterranean climate, picturesque landscape and high quality tourist services enchant tourists from all over the world.
In Spain, the stunning mountain scenery, cozy coves and bays. Coast of Spain does not tire you out the noise of the big ports and will welcome small towns and fishing villages.
Leave an unforgettable impression resort on the coast of the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Bay of Biscay, the Canary and Balearic Islands.

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