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Spain - this is when ... facts about life in Spain

Photos Spain 2016Spain - this is when the bus driver or police officer says hello to you, have a nice day!
Spain - this is when you got a look at the person in the store and he asked how you're doing.
Spain - this is when the machine the police, Fire or ambulance ride with flashing lights blazing, all machines including a counter movement pressed against the side of the road and stop letting them.

Spain - it is when you look in the store on a certain thing, and passed in front of you apologize.
Spain - this is when you wish to have a good day tanker.
Spain - this is when you are afraid to throw out a piece of paper on the street.
Spain - is when despite the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russian and Ukrainians are often working together and sometimes even live together in one apartment.
Spain - this is when the year-round fresh fruit on cheapest prices.
Spain - is when in a city inhabited by people of 100 the world. (Torrevieja)
Villa de Lujo en Espana
Spain - is when wheelchair parking afraid to put his car to avoid being taken.
Spain - this is when you do not care about the dollar as a circle only euros.
Spain - this is when the beer 0.33 - "is the norm." (Caña)
Spain - this is when the "Mañana" universal answer a million questions.
Spain - this is when the two capitals - Madrid and Barcelona.
Spain - this is when you can afford to buy genuine Armani, Gucci and Hugo Boss, and not be afraid that it is a fake.
Spain - this is when you hear people good wishes and gratitude more often than insults and mate.
Spain - this is when life in the country freezes during the match Barcelona - Real Madrid.
Spain - is when your conversation even in Russian across Spanish words during intercourse.
Spain - this is when there is year-round near the sea.
Spain - this is when the "No Pasa Nada".
DJI Phantom 3 Professional
Spain - is when in the supermarket you can not even try to look for champagne, and habitually buy Sava.
Spain - this is when the winter you can wear summer shoes.
Spain - this is when the store, to study, to work, to the doctor people can come in rumpled clothes and no one will look with disdain.
Spain - is when, even after heavy rainfall no dirt in the street.
Spain - when even you live like a normal person crisis.
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Spain - the summer is when you go on the other side of the street, where the shadow.
Spain - this is when the chips even tasteful Hamon.
Spain - is when you firmly believe that someday win in the Christmas lottery.
Spain - it's Sunday when all the shops are closed, including the food.
Spain - this is where you meet the New Year in red shorts and absorbing 12 vinogradinok.
Spain - this is when you are at home in the winter mёrznesh stronger than in the street.
Spain resort town of Santa Pola, Province of Alicante, the sea, the beach Santa Pola, embankment 188
Spain - is when in the mountains of snow falls so much that everyone is talking Siberia
Spain - this is when the buffet you associated with Chinese restaurants.
Spain - this is when the street you're talking to a friend "Hola, Tio!", And in response you hear "¿Qué pasa, Tronco?"
Spain - this is when the octogenarian grandmother ride behind the wheel of a car.
Spain - this is when you live next to the best players of the planet.
Villa Costa Blanca
Spain - is when your sexual orientation in general no one is interested and surprised.
Spain - this is when the smell of marijuana in the street.
Spain - WhatsApp is when a mobile phone is more important than having a passport with them.
Spain - this is when the summer tourists come in large numbers.
Apartment in Spain in the private residence in Aguamarina 200 meters from the beach

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