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Carnival in Spain photos videos Carnival procession in Torrevieja

Carnival in Spain 2014, Torrevieja show in carnival costumes Every year in February Spain immersed in an atmosphere of carnivals, which marks the end of winter (similar to Russia this week carnival) and the Catholic tradition is the last holiday before 40 day fast and Spaniards use these days to the maximum to enough fun. As you can see in the video and photo carnaval costumes Spaniards attach great importance - there are costumes, Which cost several thousand euros, they use tens and hundreds of Swarovski crystals. Carnivals are celebrated in every town in Spain every year in February, they pass in the central streets. In the photo you can see how the carnival in Torrevieja on Ramon Gallud street from Plaza de María Asunción was held on 23 February 2014 on Sunday. More than 30 collectives participated in it. The final carnival procession will be held in Torrevieja 1 March, beginning at night in 22-00 from the Constitution Square along Ramon Gayud Street. The next day, the funeral of a sardine (a large scarecrow of sardines from papier-mache) will begin on a cart carrying boxes with inscriptions - tobacco, alcohol, sex, harmful food - everything that is forbidden in the great fast. At the end of the holiday, the sardine is burned.

Videos Carnival in Spain

     In 2015 year Carnival in Spain in Torrevieja will start on February 8 16-30 start from Square Plaza María Asunción (Calle Ramon Gallud, 217-219, 03181 Torrevieja, Alicante) A Nocturne Saturday February 14 21-00.

     Carnival procession in Spain in Torrevieja in 2016 year will be on Sunday, 7 February. Home: 16: 30
Route: from la Plaza de María Asunción Street Ramón Gallud to Calle Orihuela.
At the end of the parade will be held awarding ceremony in las Eras de la Sal.

Photos Carnival in Torrevieja

Carnaval Torrevieja 2014 Full Video 1080p, Espana

Children's school carnival in Spain, 13 February kollehio Ceip Playas De Orihuela

Children's school carnival in Spain photos and videos

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