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Obtaining NIE - Tax number of the foreigner in Spain

Buy an apartment in Spain, obtaining NIE In Spain, more or less began to emerge from the crisis the tourist business, so to buy a property in Spain has become topical again. I think a lot of days and nights dreaming to live near the Mediterranean Sea, and many international agencies are actively attract potential buyers. In general, the purchase of his corner in Spain should not cause you a big red tape, but still find featuresThat you are not deceived not crooks and swindlers who are very much in this business.

First of all, and most importantly, you will need to obtain NIE - identification tax number of the foreigner. Our real estate agency in Spain can help you get it. For registration NIE will need:

1) Photocopy of foreign passport with a valid visa
2) Copies or your return ticket on the plane
3) 2 colored photographs 3 4 to see
4) Application for NIE, form EX14.
5) A copy of the open account in the amount of not less than EUR 6000
6) Extract from the state register of owners of the property you want to buy.
7) The preliminary contract of sale of the reserved property.

The fee for a NIE is 10 euros. Turnaround time 3-4 days.

After receiving the NIE we make a deal only through a notary in Spain. Only such a design will give you full rights to the property.

Photos of Spain - a street in the town of Guardamar del Segura

Photos of Spain - street in the town of Guardamar del Segura

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