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Medieval Market in Spain in Orihuela, Alicante Province

Medieval Market in Orihuela, Alicante Province In Spain, a wonderful old city - Orihuela. The city is not big, only 80 000 inhabitants. Despite this, it is the cultural capital of the province of Alicante, full of cultural heritage, also rich in beautiful old architecture. Orihuela city itself divides into two parts the river Segura. In this river a lot of fish and turtles. Every 5-6 years floods occur, so the entire city is built along the high embankment.

Medieval Market in Spain 2016

Medieval Market in Spain in Orihuela, Alicante Province

In 2016, the Medieval Market in Spain in Orihuela will be celebrated 22,23 and 24 April 2016 years

Every year, in late January, early February, the city is immersed in another reality. For three days, all residents if fall in the past, the Middle Ages. On the streets of the city offers a medieval market where you can see how to bake bread right in the Spanish oven. Do the dishes out of clay. Glassmakers create magic right before your eyes. The visitors are entertained by numerous market jugglers, acrobats, musicians and fencers.
     Medieval Market in Spain - A real gastronomic area. Here you can find various kinds of cheese, prepared according to old recipes, ham, sausages, Spanish honey, spices, herbs, spices. Soaps and creams, traditional sweets, incense, essential oils. Unusual and very beautiful bladed weapons: swords, swords, daggers, swords and shields. For younger customers a large selection of weapons of wood. Just for kids was a lot of fun: a carousel, swings, riding on donkeys, a photo with a boa or owl. Almost all of the products presented on the market- it is handmade.
Female audience attracted to jewelry, to the pearls, semi-precious stones and silverware. As well as a large range of bags and purses made of leather. Prices very reasonable. Everyone who came to the market, went shopping and good mood. The more that you can eat and drink wine after successful shopping. Many outdoor cafe, with paella, meat and ribs on fire, greens, ripe tomatoes, and of course excellent Spanish wines. So bright Spanish sun, made a note in these wonderful days of celebration.

Photo Mercado Medieval Orihuela 2016

Video reportage Medieval Market in Orihuela Spain, Mr. 2014 year

Pictures from the medieval market 2014

The program of events and celebrations in Orihuela 2016


The program of events and celebrations in Orihuela 2016


Owls and Falcons in the Spanish market of the Middle Ages

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