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Purchase costs and property taxes in Spain

Modern villa with pool

Modern villa with pool

Property tax in Spain has changed in 2013 year. Because today the acquisition of property abroad has become very popular - especially in Spain, you should know exactly what to expect, what amount of money you have to spend in addition to the direct cost of housing; one of those "expenses" would be a tax on real estate in Spain for foreigners.

Taxes and costs associated with buying property in Spain

Total taxes and other expenses on the acquisition of villas and apartments in Spain amount to

If you buying a new home from the builderYou have to pay VAT 10% + 1.5% of the initial registration of the property + 0.5% notary.

     When buying a resale property in Spain you pay 10% VAT 0.5% state and notary fees. Total 10,5%

If you are buying a commercial premise, then VAT = 21%.

Commission to the realtor in Spain, the buyer does not pay!

Expenditure on the property in Spain - Payment of utility bills, taxes.

Tax on property in Spain for the Russians


Useful information on the costs of buying a house, an apartment in Spain

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