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Real estate in Torrevieja Spain, Costa Blanca, houses and apartments in Torrevieja

Properties in TorreviejaTorrevieja is a small resort town in Spain, symbolized by an old watchtower that protected the coast from pirate attacks in ancient times. Low prices for property in Torrevieja, and thanks to the mild climate of the Mediterranean, you can swim and sunbathe on the beaches of Torrevieja all year round, there are almost no cloudy days, and the water temperature in the sea does not drop even in winter less than 15 degrees.

And it's nice to go out to the open sea on a fast boat on a hot day or sail along the rocky shore of Madmen. Ride along the calm waters of the bay on a powerful motorcycle. Almost any sporting caprice can be satisfied at the Royal Yacht Club of Torrevieja, where various sailing regattas, rowing and fishing championships take place throughout the year.
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Fans of sea travel and distant countries get to Torrevieja through its sea gate - the port of Marina Salinos, there come yachts from around the world. Travelers are greeted by a cozy hotel with a swimming pool, bars and restaurants, where you can eat on the hard ground and take a break from the bored sea pumping.

Great demand is enjoyed by Properties in Torrevieja, both secondary and new real estate from developers built on the most modern technologies. rest assured buying a house or apartment in Torrevieja - this is an excellent investment, because this resort city is very popular with tourists from different countries, primarily Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
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150 years ago, sailors brought with them a famous habanera - a folk song born in the ocean somewhere between Havana and Terrevieja, which glorified the city. Annually in the last month of summer the festival "Habaneros" is held here. In the city and now lives a very musical people, on the streets often you can hear the play of the brass band, and when it ceases, inaudible music continues to play statues of forever frozen musicians.

It's nice after a long walk to sit on a bench near the blue sea. And then walk through the center of the city, relax in the shade of tall palms on the main square of Terrevieja, admire the jets of a fountain made of multicolored stones, listen to the bells of the old church.

Few things remained in Torrevieja from the old provincial life - the church and the tower, and the old mill, which opened its wings-sails towards the fresh wind.

For children there is plenty of entertainment: green parks with playgrounds and swings, with lakes and walking birds, fountains and clean sunny lawns, with fragrant bright flowers, with amusing figures. Here you can rent a small boat and have a great time with your children even on a hot midday. Permanent residents of the Nation Park: chickens, ducks, peacocks, - feel free here, they are not afraid of people at all, behave naturally and watch their measured life a sheer pleasure.
Park of Nations in Torrevieja, Spain,

The main attraction and treasure of Terrevieja is its magnificent lagoons. Their two are the salt lagoons of Terreveha and La Mata. From the time of the Romans to this day, salt is mined here. It is believed that the lagoon of Terrevieja is the largest salt extraction site in Europe and one of the most significant in the world.

The hue of these extra saline lakes often changes - it depends on the lighting, the weather, the time of day. The pink lagoon is so saturated that it seems almost red, and at times it becomes soft blue or grayish-pearl, but the pink color is always preserved.
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Torrevieja lagoons have an elevated salt content and healing mud, rich in minerals and various useful trace elements. Curative mud formed at the bottom of the lagoon has amazing healing properties, bathing in its warm waters and mud treatment perfectly act on the skin, improve blood circulation, remove toxins from the body and fight inflammatory processes in the body.

Both lagoons and territories that are adjacent to them are within the city limits. This is a reserve for migratory birds, which is of no small importance for the safety of a population of some rare birds and plants.
salt lake in Torrevieja spain

Like in all the cities of Spain in Torrevieja are very fond of holidays. A colorful religious procession, in which the good half of the city takes part. A roar of drums, decorated with flowers of a cart, figures of Catholic saints - all ancient traditions are alive to this day. The participants of the procession strictly follow all the relying rituals: they go in one ancient rhythm, amicably bear a stretcher with figures of saints. Each brotherhood has special clothing. Loud music sounds, torches burn and with the coming of night the sky over Torrevieja explodes with magic fireworks.

So begins the traditional Andalusian fair - "fairy", where you can buy everything from a hair clip to an Arabian steed. On the open braziers paella and gazpacho manchet are prepared, wine is poured by the river.

A bright Andalusian holiday is filled with flamenco, the sound of a guitar, the tramp of female heels, the rumble of castanets. The May Fairy in Terrevieja is of particular interest to tourists - it lasts for several days, gathering guests from all over the world. Torrevieja is suitable not only for rest and fun, you can do it here and shopping. At the exit of the city is a huge shopping complex Habaneros.
Torrevieja Spain

Nearby is an entertainment center: casinos, restaurants and eateries, children's play center, pet shop and other curious institutions.

In Torrevieja are always welcome guests, the city is friendly, good-natured and knows how to please its residents and guests. Do not forget that our agency offers a great choice houses and apartments in Torrevieja, secondary and new for sale in Torrevieja. We provide a full range of services for the purchase of real estate.

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