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We buy property in Spain on the Costa bank

Property in Spain on the Costa BlancaBuying real estate in the territory of sunny Spain is rightfully considered not only a profitable investment of capital, but also an excellent opportunity to radically change your life, bringing it as close to the very high standards of this highly developed country.
The advantages of acquiring Spanish quality property by foreigners are undeniable:

- Receiving not only for themselves, but also for members of their family Schengen multivisa, the validity of which is one year;

- extremely attractive loan conditions: thus, the interest rate in Spain on loans granted for the purchase of housing by foreign nationals is about 3-4% per annum, while the maximum loan period is 30 years (in addition, it can not but attract investors and the absence of unnecessary procrastination with documents, and the possibility of early repayment of the loan);
Property in Spain on the Costa Blanca

- the relatively low cost of real estate: thus, Spain is characterized by relatively low real estate prices by European standards;

- Constant growth in the value of real estate, thanks to which this kind of investment is profitable, above all, for investors who consider the purchase of real estate as profitable, and, most importantly, long-term investment;

- the possibility of extracting additional profits from the rental of real estate;

- a very loyal attitude of the state to foreign citizens, which is not surprising, because the Spaniards are known as a friendly and hospitable people;

- favorable climatic conditions;

- developed tourist infrastructure.
Property in Spain on the Costa Blanca

It should be noted that the clear and carefully elaborated legislation of this state regulates all aspects of operations, which are in one way or another connected with real estate, without exception, while at the same time maximally protecting all the rights of foreign investors. According to the legislation, foreign individuals and legal entities can purchase residential and commercial real estate without restrictions.

Foreign citizens in Spain are attracted by a simple, understandable and transparent procedure for the acquisition of real estate, consisting of such stages:

- The choice of the buyer of the property.
Property in Spain on the Costa Blanca

- Providing the seller with a document in which, firstly, information about the owners of the property, secondly, all the characteristics of the housing (area, number of living rooms, as well as non-residential premises, etc.) are prescribed. This document states that the object sold has no debts. After drawing up, the document is necessarily analyzed and checked by lawyers of both parties. According to the law, only its owner or his authorized person, who can provide a notarized document, has the right to sell real estate.

- Checking the account in the Spanish State Property Register.

- Opening by the buyer of an account in the bank of Spain (later on this account will be paid money for real estate).
Property in Spain on the Costa Blanca

- Drawing up in three copies of the contract of sale, the signing of which indicates the agreement of both parties with the terms of the transaction. At the time of signing this document, the buyer sends a pledge to the seller whose size is 10-20% of the purchase price.

After all the necessary documents have been drawn up and signed, the buyer chooses the most optimal form of payment, namely:

- Payment of the full value of the property at a time (with this option, the additional costs will be of the order of 9-10% of the price of the objects, including the acquisition tax, as well as notary costs). I must say that the required amount can be paid in cash or transferred through the bank.
Property in Spain on the Costa Blanca

- Payment 30-40% of the price of the property, as well as 9-10%, indicated in the first option.

Non-residents of Spain can buy real estate on credit, and the loan amount is often 50-60% of the value of the object, drawn up for a period of 5-30 years. One can not but please foreign investors and the interest rate equal to 2,5-3,5% per year. Important is the fact that when purchasing real estate on credit in Spain, the interest rate and the amount of payments are clearly fixed in the contract, while the registered Original Merchant will be received by the new owner only after the loan has been fully repaid, and until this time the Purchaser will be in the bank, issued a mortgage. The procedure for obtaining a loan for the purchase of real estate in Spain is noticed from a foreign citizen about a month. This way of acquiring housing is becoming extremely popular today due to its availability.
Property in Spain on the Costa Blanca

After paying the seller all the necessary amount, registration is carried out in the Property Register (this procedure takes from one to three months). Having received the registered original of the deed, the buyer becomes the full owner of the Spanish real estate.
Property in Spain on the Costa Blanca
Property in Spain on the Costa Blanca

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