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Property in Spain by the sea on the Costa Blanca, apartments and villas

Property in Spain by the sea on the Costa Blanca, apartments and villasGiven that the conjecture of the market can be considered favorable for today, buying property abroad is the most profitable investment.

If at the head of your priorities there is a reliable future and high returns of the invested funds, it is necessary to direct your views on the real estate of Spain.

Spain is a European country with a healthy climate and unique nature. In addition, Spain is a member of the European Union and the most popular resort with a world name, the last kingdom of the Old World, with a rich and distinctive culture.

Spanish apartments and houses have recently become very popular, they are willingly bought.

Firstly, it is advantageous to buy apartments, apartments or even a villa with a view of the sea surf. Often such apartments are sold furnished and very cheap. For example, in Moscow it is difficult to find a good apartment for such money.

To have real estate in such resorts as Costa Blanca, Costa Dorada, Istra, Ibiza, Canary Islands or Mallorca is a special prestige.

To buy a house in Valencia, Alicante and Orihuela Costa is also attractive. Here a huge number of beaches that are awarded the Blue Flag EC. This is the most prestigious Spanish region.

The Costa del Sol Resort impresses with its amazing rich architecture - it is a mixture of European and Arab style. Here real estate is also much appreciated.

And how nice to relax in your own house on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea!

It is worth noting and this fact: banks in Spain provide loans for the purchase of real estate up to 70% of the cost. Annual interest rates are low - only 3% for a period of 20-30 years.


You can buy a property in Spain to live quietly on the azure coast in old age, you can buy real estate as a second home, so that it was, where to spend a first class vacation.

And you can rent a house and get a good dividend. The demand for housing is constant.

Madrid, as a business administrative center, is in great demand.

Rent can bring you more profit, so it's best to legalize everything and then you can sleep peacefully and enjoy the fact that you receive a substantial profit from the surrender of the house.

How beautiful it is - golden beaches, turquoise-colored sea, emerald greenery and a house in the land of eternal sun!

This can only be dreamed of.

The dynamics of tourism is developing at a rapid pace, and renting is of particular interest.

The real estate of Spain is a lot of advantages.

The first is a unique climate, beautiful nature and the sea, from which it is impossible to tear off the view.

Second - the cost of houses in Spain is much lower than that of other countries.

The third point is that Spain has become famous as a country with quality apartments that will satisfy the highest requirements.

The fourth point is a high standard of living. You can not just invest, but also enjoy all the benefits that the country provides.

Prices for real estate in Spain now have the lowest level, but probably this will not always continue.

Therefore, it is worthwhile already today to think about a profitable investment of money.

If you have the means, the benefit of real estate on the Spanish coast is obvious.

It is better to trust professionals: they will pick up real estate, hold trades, try to reduce the price as much as possible, and solve all issues with tax offices and lawyers.

Real estate in Spain is also a good profit in the future.

Apartment or apartment is usually located in a multi-storey building, but you can turn views on low-rise construction. And all real estate is located in the resort zone. All windows almost always have a view to the sea.

The cost of real estate on the Spanish coast depends on the footage of the house, the number of bedrooms, how close the house is to the sea and the city center.

Also important is the loggia, the terrace, the presence of swimming pools, the presence of a garage and parking, and the prestige of the area.

If the house has many floors, then the upper floors will be the most expensive: penthouses, duplexes.

You can buy a property at any time, no matter what time it is outside the window.

The documentation will take about 1-2 months.

If your goal is permanent residence in Spain, then you can be sure that you are very lucky.

Local residents are very friendly, and you will not have problems with adaptation.

Spain, a country with good economic stability and a high standard of living.

If you live in Spain, you have a great chance to obtain a residence permit, especially if you have significant means of subsistence and no criminal record.

Spain is a country where you can successfully plan any business, no one will disturb you.

No matter in which country you are a citizen, if you have a property in Spain, you have the right to own an annual Schengen visa and you are entitled to an annual extension.

The process of registering all of their rights to housing in Spain is without any bureaucratic delays, and the mortgage system of Spain is considered the best system in the world.

It is better to completely trust the professionals who

will conduct price bidding, issue a purchase, resolve all issues with the lease, and also begin to resolve issues with a residence permit.

You can long to dream of sunny Spain, its golden beaches, tempting cool waves of turquoise sea.

It is possible to revise on TV the programs in which they show an exciting bullfight, and secretly dream of seeing it all alive.

And you can seriously deal with the acquisition of real estate the most amazing country in the world - Spain. And then there is a chance that you will get to the incendiary Spanish carnival, which the country is famous for, and you can proudly drink a glass or two, marking the most successful deal of your life.

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