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House in Spain with poolThe number of real estate purchases carried out in the beautiful southern country of Spain is increasing year by year. What is its appeal to customers from all over the world? The most important advantage of buying an apartment, house or villa in Spain is a mild and comfortable for living climate and a fairly high standard of living. To this can be added still relatively low prices for living quarters. Experts in this area believe that the national real estate market due to the onset of the economic crisis has almost reached the minimum level, and its further decline, perhaps, is out of the question.
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In addition, it should be noted that the quality of construction work in the construction of objects, both the primary market and in the secondary fund is quite high. During the crisis in the housing market there are about two million objects falling under this category, which are still empty, which significantly expands the choice. Buyers of housing at a price starting from half a million euros, Spain is given a residence permit, and in the case of purchasing buildings at a cost below the amount announced, a Schengen multivisa is offered for a period of one year with the possibility of staying in the country up to 90 days in each half-year. To do this, in addition to the generally accepted set of documents, it is necessary to submit papers certifying the existence of the required level of income in Spain or in the country of permanent residence of the applicant for purchase.

In this European country there are standard costs for the maintenance of real estate according to the European standards. The process of buying a home in Spain starts with the reservation of the selected object. A preliminary agreement is signed between the parties to the transaction, within which the amount of the preliminary payment is agreed. Most often it is equal to one-tenth of the cost of the acquired object. After the end of this procedure, you should open an account with the Spanish national bank. After that, the future buyer must issue an identification number of the foreigner.
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