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How to choose a property in Spain on the beach!

Property in Spain by the seaThe main factors affecting the cost of real estate in Spain is the distance from the sea, infrastructure, the orientation of the property in relation to the sea and the sun, the quality of the residential complex in general, - residences, because in urbanization there are always many different residential complexes, from different developers. In one residence there can be a beautiful green area with a landscape design, large swimming pools, fountains, parks with walking paths, tennis court, children's and sports grounds, spa and saunas, 24-hour live security, etc. Nearby there can be a residence in which there will be only a small pool. These factors directly affect communis, whose size ranges from 20 to 1500 a year. For electricity and water, you pay separately.
When buying a villa or apartments in Spain for yourself you need to pay attention to such factors: location in a green area with good infrastructure, school, playgrounds, shops. The number of bedrooms is at your discretion, the number of bathrooms, usually in an apartment or house with 2-3 bedrooms minimum 2 bathrooms.

Orientation of the apartment or villas in Spain to the sea and the sun, this is also a very important factor, because If the windows are perpendicular to the coastline of the sea, you will be able to enjoy the fresh sea breeze, which cools well (much more efficient than the air conditioner), and it is useful for your health, because he carries particles of salt, iodine and other beneficial minerals contained in sea water. The most liquid real estate in Spain in this part of the Mediterranean coast (south of the east coast of the Costa Blanca) is usually oriented to the South or East, because while in the apartment there will always be a lot of light and sun.
Apartment in Spain by the sea

Pool in the choice of real estate is a big plus, despite the fact that in Spain, excellent sandy beaches and warm sea. In the summer months in Spain (swim in the pool in Spain can be from mid-April until October) can be very hot, and swim in the pool 15-20 minutes is always very nice and helpful to health! Land at your discretion. It's great to have a barbecue area! Distance to the sea - it is natural that the closer to the sea, the property value is higher. It depends on your goals and resources. We have for sale Apartment in Spain in the first line price 145 000 € and more Apartments turnkey in new buildings in Spain by the sea - the first line of 200 thousand euros.

Buy house for sale in Spain Furnished or not think for yourself, but after buying just want you to come with your family on vacation in Spain, and you do not have to go shopping and pick up the options of furniture. Although this is not a problem if you make for yourself The service personal shopper shopping in Spain.
shops Furniture and Decoration in Spain:

For such a purchase is well suited resale or a new building.
For example housing options:
Apartment in Torrevieja Los Locos beach
The apartment is on the second line of the sea Torrevieja, Spain
New apartments in Spain from the builder
Apartments turnkey in new buildings in Spain by the sea - the first line!
Bright apartment in Spain
Semi-detached house in Spain 800 meters from the sea
Bright house with sea views in Spain, car gift

Buying property in Spain for rent on the Costa Blanca is best in Torrevieja. This city is located on the shores of the Mediterranean, there are about 320 days of sunshine per year and warm water in the sea from May to November. There are a lot of tourists in summer and winter from different countries, it is home to over 100 000 180 people over nationalities, make up most of the tourists from the European countries, Russia and Ukraine. Good location - very convenient to travel and watch a lot of attractions.
The wonderful climate and the therapeutic effect due to the sea and salt lakes - Many people come to treat asthma, a weak immune system, pressure, joint pains and skin diseases.
It is better if you buy an apartment with one or two bedrooms and 1-2 bathrooms. Optimal distance to 600 meters from the beach. Near necessarily cafes, restaurants, shops. Make sure air conditioner, internet, household appliances and comfortable furniture, bed linen and towels. The apartment must be good repair and comfortable atmosphere. And also keep in mind that the potential customer to rent makes its choice in favor of real estate for which are made Professional Photo & Video - We provide such services in Spain!
Renting a house in Spain by the sea
Rent an apartment in Spain inexpensively sea
Apartment with 1-2 bedrooms with everything you need to 600 m from the sea will cost approximately 250-280 euros per week in low season and 300-350 in the high season (April to October)
House with 3-bedroom apartments with a swimming pool and all of the above will cost 2000 euros per month in low season and in high 2300


Video house on the sea for rent



Rent apartments in Spain Torrevieja


Real Estate at the sea in Spain

Real Estate at the sea in Spain

New property in Spain from the builder, apartment in Torrevieja from the 99 000 euros



Property prices in Spain:

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