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How can a foreigner buy property in Spain?

Property in SpainToday anyone can buy property abroad with sufficient funds. Contrary to popular belief, housing in many states is not worth huge money. Prices Property in Spain, Germany, Italy are sometimes comparable with similar in the largest megacities of Russia. A legally arrange a transaction will help our real estate agency. We know all the nuances and help to make everything quickly and without any problems.
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How is the transfer of funds?

What should a foreign citizen know when buying a home in Spain? Just want to say about one pleasant moment: if you acquire Property in Spain cost more than 500 thousand euros, you will automatically receive a "golden visa", which in fact means obtaining a residence permit. You can buy objects gradually, and get the above document upon reaching the amount of half a million.
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In order to purchase real estate, you will need to open an account with one of the banks of the country. You will need a passport, a certificate from the job, confirming the position held, document 2-NDFL. On this account it will be necessary to transfer the amount that is not less than 30% of the cost of housing. 3-6 thousand dollars (depending on the arrangement) must be paid into the account of the seller of real estate. This is the so-called reserve, which will go into the cost of housing.
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Additional expenses

Up to a certain point, the account opened with you in the bank will be inactive: it can be replenished, but you can not withdraw money from it. Everything will change after receiving the NIE (tax number of the foreigner).

Now you can proceed to conclude a contract of sale of real estate. This action takes place in the presence of a notary. The final payment must be documented: it can be a bank check or a transfer to the seller's account.
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Please note that you will have to pay VAT (10% of the value of the property), duties and notary services (1-2% of the total amount). We will do the NIE for you for free!
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