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What are the benefits of purchasing property in Spain?

img_9426Beautiful sandy beaches, rich and developed infrastructure, friendly people, corrida, fiesta - all these features quite clearly distinguish Spain from other countries. Favorable location allows it to attract more and more tourists every year. Together with all this recently there has been activity in the Spanish property market. Many investors from Eastern and Western Europe are eager to invest their money in real estate. What are they so attracting to them and what benefits can you get from buying houses, apartments and other structures in Spain?
Talk about the direct benefits can be long. In this country, plenty of advantages in the real estate market in comparison with other countries. Here, for example, that only there is a decrease in prices of some properties to 50%. This decrease was the harbinger of a crisis that has recently embraced some European countries. This factor allows investors to become more active in the market and choose an advantageous option.
The interest rate on loans for buying property in Spain was reduced almost 2 times - namely, with 6% to 4% per annum. Some local banks are willing to provide a loan of up to 50% of the purchase price.
Many dream of living by the sea. Visited Spain and making out its beautiful sandy beaches, most people will want to stay here. So in recent years and there - sale of real estate on the coast increased by 20%. For example, very actively buying apartments, houses and villas on the Costa Blanca. This sent a lot of tourists from around the world, as attractive beaches contributes to this.
More pretty popular is Torrevieja. The beaches here stretch for miles along the sea 20. In these places you can constantly meet foreigners. Those wishing to purchase a property in this location will be provided with a wide range of houses and apartments. Prices are pretty reasonable. It is possible to find objects from 25000 euros.
An important advantage of buying property in Spain it is possible to obtain a Schengen visa for a foreigner. Thanks to her man can stay in the country 180 days a year. In addition, it is possible to move around the country, between which there is the Schengen Agreement.
Spain - a country where tourism is very developed. This fact attracts foreign citizens wishing to start their own business. Commercial real estate is considered to be not less popular because the money spent to buy it, can return in the near future. That is why investment in such real estate will be a good solution.
Once in Spain, many will be surprised by such a loyal attitude towards foreigners. The locals are happy to be able to help people from other countries. That is why the Spanish people are very attracted to the citizens of Europe.
As we can see, the Spanish real estate - pretty profitable for foreigners. Choosing a suitable option can provide themselves with a comfortable stay in the country with a favorable climate and rich history. While it is possible to buy profitable real estate in Spain, you can not lose it, you need to act now!

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