Encyclopedia of the Spanish real estate, where the Russian live, and where the Europeans?

Acquisition of real estate in Spain1. The choice in favor of Spain is obvious. Spain is rightly considered to be one of the world's top countries in terms of attractiveness, with a rich number of offers for those who decided to move here, and hundreds of thousands of Britons alone who have moved to Spain over the past three decades are a vivid confirmation of this. In the past few months, the Spanish real estate market has begun to slow down its activity, which is explained by the previously purchased large volumes of unfinished real estate, which became a problem for the market, as the current owners can not complete the final construction for different reasons for different reasons. Read more "

What special attracts the buyers of Spanish property Torrevieja?

Spanish property TorreviejaIf talk about Torrevieja went 20 years ago, it would be possible to mention only the dunes, dry grass and seaweed, which are located on the shores covered with salt. But now in the court of XXI century and the building boom has changed many cities in different countries. Torrevieja has not become the exception. Now, in this picturesque Spanish city you can find a lot of modern buildings, equipped beach and plenty of locals and foreigners. What is it attracts people to this place to buy local real estate? Read more "

The unemployment rate in Spain is reduced!

The unemployment rate in Spain is reduced!For the first year 24 the Kingdom of Spain in November 2013, the unemployment rate began to decline according Ministirstva employment and social services in Spain. Read more "

The growth of the Spanish economy in the year 2015, economic rating raised to stable!

Spain's economy is stabilizingSpain's GDP is slowly increasing, and external economic indicators strengthened. Influential international agency Standart & poor's raised the rating of Spain's economy from negative to stable BBB. The same study indicates Deutche Bank Research.

In January 2014, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of Spain confirmed the economic growth and announced tax cuts to 2015 years.
Spain's GDP for the year grew by 2015 2%, the forecast for 2016 year increase in the gross domestic product will be 1.8%.

Consumer prices in Spain are falling, high economic growth - Spain's economy after 2-ies recession ended in the summer of last year, showing the highest growth rates in the euro area at the level of 1,2% in annual terms.

- Spain became the first country to successfully withdrawn from the lending program. Read more "

Earthquake in southern Spain in the province of Alicante and Torrevieja, Valencia

Earthquake in Spain3 December in Castellón area were recorded 2 2 power tremors on the Richter scale. 28 November in southern Spain on the Costa del Sol in the municipality of Manilva, an earthquake capacity 3 points, moving furniture in homes and feel the vibrations of the floor. 7 December 1-47 minutes Torrevieja earthquake hit power 1.9 on the Richter scale, the epicenter was in 1 km from the coast. Read more "

In Valencia City of Arts and Sciences will be removed Disney movie with George Clooney

Sci fi film Tomorrowland will shoot in the famous architectural complex in Valencia. Read more "

More 110 thousand. Russians visited Lloret de Mar in Spain in the year 2013

More 110 thousand. Russians visited Lloret de Mar in Spain in the year 2013 More 110 thousand. Russians visited Lloret de Mar in Spain 2013 year. This is only statistics visit hotels in Lloret de Tues. in Catalonia.

Read more "

6 of December - the National Day holiday in Spain Kostitutsii

6 December - the National Day holiday in Spain Kostitutsii6 December Spanish Constitution Day (Día de la Constitución) - a public holiday, a day off.

     6 декабря 1978 года Spanish people Read more "

In Spain, found the remains of a dinosaur dragon

In the north of Spain, in the town of Teruel were found the remains of a dinosaur dragon Ankylosaur with armor and spines on the sides Read more "

Ski resorts in Spain Hotels, Prices, Sierra Nevada Tours

Ski resorts in Spain 20141 December ski resorts of Spain took tens of thousands of visitors. The queues at the lifts began to form in the morning. This winter Spanish ski resorts expect about 3 million snowboarders and ski equipment. At most resorts upgraded track and equipment. Read more "

Spain in December, the weather, the air temperature and water in the sea

Spain in December, the weather, the air temperature and water in the seaDecember in Spain on the Costa Blanca is very warm, afternoon sun warms up to 16 18-degree heat, but it also happens to 20 degrees, the thermometer drops to night 8-12 degree, because the sun is not high in the sky and shines with only 10 in the morning and about 16 hours. Mediterranean have not yet had time to cool, and the water temperature off the coast of Spain in the area Read more "

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