Solar Spain - a country of fusion time

Who was not in Spain, not when he did not enjoy the exquisite architecture, I did not feel a long history. The country is famous for its exquisite cuisine.
It's not just the outline on the map Spain, one of the most visited and favorite destinations for tourists all over the world. This amazing country is so multifaceted that direction and choose a place of rest sometimes becomes difficult. Read more "

Weather in Spain in September

Weather in Spain in September, the water temperature in the sea and airWeather in Spain in September. This month, on the Mediterranean coast of the Costa Blanca, warm sunny warm weather. Happy to 27-29 degree heat, 22-24 degrees at night. Read more "

Costa Blanca, Spain White Beach

The world famous resort called Costa Blanca, which is known for its turquoise water and white sandy beach, located in the south-eastern part of Spain.
On the Costa Blanca, there is a soft, unique climate. Even in the winter season in the coldest months, the temperature does not drop below sixteen degrees. And the hottest months in the summer time is August and July. Due to climate resort, Costa Blanca recognized as the most good area to stay. Read more "

Family Holidays in hotels in Spain

Holidays in Spain with childrenIf you are going on vacation with the kids, then Spain is suitable for this purpose perfectly. The most sybaritic traveler will find here a huge variety of hotels, restaurants and cafes, excellent service and exoticism. According to Russian tourists who visit Spain for the first time not for recreation with children is the best fit such resorts in the south of Catalonia and Valencia as the Costa Blanca and the Costa Brava. A fully focused on children of different ages note Hotels Costa Blanca - Orihuela Costa. Read more "

What are the benefits of purchasing property in Spain?

img_9426Beautiful sandy beaches, a rich and well-developed infrastructure, friendly people, bullfights, fiesta - all these features are quite clearly distinguish Spain from other countries. Privileged location allows it each year attracts more and more tourists. Along with all of this in recent years, there has been activity on the Spanish property market. Many investors from Eastern and Western Europe tend to invest their money in real estate. What are they so attracted to them and what benefits you can get from the purchase of houses, apartments and other buildings in Spain? Read more "

Spain - temperamental country

Starting a conversation about the top most visited countries in the world, I would like to pay attention to Spain, with its hospitable and temperamental people. Spain for many people - it certainly flamenco and bullfighting. The legendary Don Juan and Carmen - it is also about Spain.
Barcelona city rich in tourist attractions, including a monument to Christopher Columbus (symbol of Spain); Placa Catalunya, where there are new city and the old; popular Singing Fountain, National Palace, and others. Read more "

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