Why Russia banned the import of jamon from Spain?

Why Russia banned the import of jamon from Spain?23 April 2013, the Russian government has banned the importation of Spanish jamon on the territory of the Russian decree banning the import of finished meat products. How much was it done? After Spanish jamon the highest quality and meets the highest European standards of hygiene, which in Russia is much lower Read more "

Yachts and boats in Spain, yacht rental in Torrevieja

Yachts and boats millionaires in Spain, rent a yacht in AlicanteDozens of very expensive yachts and boats, including Russian ones, are moored in the port of the Spanish city of Alicante

Read more "

What is the weather in Spain now? Weather forecast for today

Weather in Spain What is the weather in Spain is now on the Costa Blanca in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa Alicante Province, cloudiness, air temperature and sea, rain, wind. Read more "

Holidays in Spain in January and February

1 of January - New Year Año Nuevo
6 of January - Catholic Epiphany - the feast of the Magi
20 January - Tamborrada in San Sebastian Read more "

Russian taxi in Valencia, taxi in Spain!

Dear friends and guests of the Russian-speaking city of Valencia! Website Russian taxi in Valencia is much more than a regular taxi. I am pleased to present to you a wide range of services to make your stay at the Valencia as comfortable as possible. Read more "

4G Internet in Spain Torrevieja, Elche, Orihuela, Benidorm, Alicante

In the province of Alicante came 4G mobile Internet, namely in the cities of Torrevieja, Elche, Orihuela, Benidorm, Alicante. Available download speed 150 Mbit / c Read more "

Medieval festival in Spain, Elche Festival Medieval Elx Elche

In early November, in the historic city of Elche, Spain, could get there in time! How you ask? Very simply - "Medieval Festival" was held in Elche. It is located right on the streets of the city, close to the grand teatre. All the goods in this market are made by hand, hand made, so to speak. That and decorations, and paintings, candles, soaps, toys, all kinds of Read more "

Weather in November in Spain, sea and air temperatures the Costa Blanca

Weather in November in Spain, sea and air temperatureIn November, in Spain it is still warm weather, air temperature + 20-25, the sea temperature on the Costa Blanca + 19 degrees. Read more "

The traffic situation in Spain, traffic on the roads and culture

On the roads of Spain a continuous order, mutual respect and observance of safety rules (which in Russia have forgotten) ... all go one smooth flow of road gorgeous, junctions, signs, markings, etc. at the highest European level, no traffic jams here. SDA invented for people, not for the police, traffic police, etc. The speed limit in the city of 50 km per hour outside the city 80 kilometers per hour, Read more "

Spain is a paradise for motorcyclists, bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts simply

For lovers of motorcycles and bikers in Spain paradise. Even in winter the temperature never drops below + 15 degrees. Rains are rare, too. Roadbed in perfect condition. The speed limit on motorways 120 kilometers per hour, but Spanish traffic rules You can go up to 132 kilometers per hour.

Update: to 2014 years, on the highway increased speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour, you can now go 143 km per hour without breaking the law, although 150-160 and go Spanish police do not touch them. Read more "

Bikers in Spain Photo Moto Motofest Blue Angels, Spain, motorcycles

Motofest Blue Angels, Spain October 2013 Read more "

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