Holidays in November and December in Spain

Holidays in November and December in SpainComing holidays: 1 November All Saints' Day (hallowin) Constitution Day December 6, 25 December Christmas. Read more "

Meat sausage Chorizo ​​- Spanish tapas

sausageChorizo ​​- the first Spanish tapas. Traditional Spanish cuisine is famous for its variety of sausages. Let's get acquainted with one of the most popular types of sausages, not only in Spain and Latin America, but also in Portugal, Germany and even Vengrii- chorizo. Read more "

Old Spanish ship "Santisima Trinidad" in the port of Alicante Spain

The ship "Santisima Trinidad" in the port of AlicanteThe ship "Santisima Trinidad" in the port of Alicante opened to the public: opening hours from 11: 00 to 24: 00 daily. On this historic ship has a restaurant and a museum of pirates and sailors.

The ticket price with a drink on weekdays € 4, 5 € weekend. As soon as you set foot on the deck, you will immediately feel unusual excitement is felt leaving any sailor on a long voyage. The smell of wood Read more "

Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Spain

With the fall of the Europeans connected one important association - Oktoberfest beer festival, which history takes roots in the distant 1810 year. Parade, live music, Bavarians in folk costumes, rides, competitions, traditional Bavarian cuisine and, of course, strong beer Oktoberfest. Read more "

Garden centers in Spain - palm trees, oranges, tangerines, lemons, olives

IMG_1205In garden centers - nurseries plants Viveros, which in Spain a great many, you will find trees and shrubs for landscaping area near his house: oranges, lemons, pomegranates, grapes, olives tree, plum, cherry, tangerine, bonsai, flowers - violets, hyacinths , buttercups, gerbera, Read more "

Proteins in Spain, pictures and video on a palm tree squirrels

Proteins in Spain, photos These proteins live year round in the urbanization of Orihuela Costa, jump on the palm and pine trees, playing with each other, the people rejoice. Read more "

Competition horses in Spain photos and videos

On the Saturday before festive giant paellaIn the Spanish town of San Miguel de Salinas were riding competitions.
There were horse-drawn carriage Read more "

Buying Overseas Property in Spain - excellent investment

Buying Overseas Property in Spain - an excellent investment that they are not impaired Pros:
• Can not bad money on renting, purchased in Europe, the real estate. Today the price per square meter fell significantly faster than the cost of their rent, so knowledgeable investor, immediately after the acquisition of real estate, will be getting a good profit.
• The Government of Spain has provided an ideal environment for investment from abroad. These include: smooth visa; tax incentives; investors from Russia and the CIS have the same rights as the commercial real estate buyers from Europe. Read more "

Giant paella in Spain, the completion of holidays on Sunday

On holiday in the Spanish city of San Miguel De Salinas everyone treated free paella with meat! In the last week of the fiesta on Sunday all the people proud and guests gather to eat a giant paella, many do it yourself, take the pan, food, wine, put together tables and celebrate. Very fun! Read more "

The exhibition Lamborghini tractors park in Elche, Spain

IMG_6190aIn October 2013 years in Spain in Elche, Alicante Province, aut. Community Comunidad Valencia held agricultural fair, it was presented to the Read more "

Halloween Halloween in Spain, Marsh Zombies hits in Torrevieja

Halloween will be held 31 October in Torrevieja at 21: 30 from Square Plaza de La Constitución and Read more "

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