Spain in October, weather, photos, videos

Autumn in Spain begins with 21 September astrological calendar, but the warm weather persists in Spain, the whole of October, daytime temperatures reach marks in 26-28 degrees too warm nights = 18-22 degree commonplace in October. The water temperature in the Mediterranean, in October Read more "

Natural Park of Nations in Torrevieja, Spain, Costa Blanca

IMG_2279Very nice park Nations in Torrevieja - a great place for walking family! Read more "

Museum of miniatures and miniature houses Museo de Antonio Marco photos and videos

IMG_1872The museum of miniatures named Marco Antonio in Guadalest (Guadalest), Alicante, Valencia, you can see a miniature house height does not exceed 70 cm., Made of stone, iron, wood and cement. Inside they performed like true home, they have a kitchen, Read more "

Photo of cars in Spain, the Spanish car

IMG_3054Photo of cars on the streets of Spain Read more "

Fish store in Spain - prices for seafood lobsters, lobsters, shrimps, crabs

mercado_central_spain_2007Fish store in Spain - in the prices of seafood lobster, lobster, shrimp, crab, octopus, crayfish Read more "

Accommodation in Spain:

Restaurant in Cave Las Cuevas San Miguel de Salinas, Spain

A unique restaurant in Spain is located in an old cave in the mountain, here 300 years lived several generations of one family. Read more "

Pink salt lake of Torrevieja, natural spa in Spain

Spain, Lake Torrevieja The microclimate created the largest salt lakes in Europe in Spain in the city of Torrevieja and La Mata, declared one of the healthiest in Europe, according to the World Health Organization. Pink salt lakes of Torrevieja, caused by the presence of Read more "

Parade of gay costumes in Spain, in the autumn holidays

Funny costumes parade in Spain, Desfile de Carrozas y DisfracesSo what that and know how to celebrate the holidays Spaniards on special, in a big way, beautiful costumes, singing, dancing, wine and of course Spanish music! Smiles and high spirits - these are the main attributes of any Spanish Fiesta! The main street of the city was surrounded by police, according to her coach, and drove the car with huge column near which satisfied and happy Spanish, English, Scandinavian, French, Russian, Ukrainian danced fiery rhythms of popular Latin pop hits. Read more "

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Solar Spain - a country of fusion time

Who was not in Spain, not when he did not enjoy the exquisite architecture, I did not feel a long history. The country is famous for its exquisite cuisine.
It's not just the outline on the map Spain, one of the most visited and favorite destinations for tourists all over the world. This amazing country is so multifaceted that direction and choose a place of rest sometimes becomes difficult. Read more "

Weather in Spain in September

Weather in Spain in September, the water temperature in the sea and airWeather in Spain in September. This month, on the Mediterranean coast of the Costa Blanca, warm sunny warm weather. Happy to 27-29 degree heat, 22-24 degrees at night. Read more "

Costa Blanca, Spain White Beach

The world famous resort called Costa Blanca, which is known for its turquoise water and white sandy beach, located in the south-eastern part of Spain.
On the Costa Blanca, there is a soft, unique climate. Even in the winter season in the coldest months, the temperature does not drop below sixteen degrees. And the hottest months in the summer time is August and July. Due to climate resort, Costa Blanca recognized as the most good area to stay. Read more "

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