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Catholic Easter in Spain

Catholic Easter in Spain Spain - A very religious country and Catholic holidays are very beautiful costumes and live music. Semana Santa in Spain - This is Holy Week, which in all Spanish cities every day are religious processions. Ends Semana Santa at Easter in the tradition of the Catholic Easter Sunday. All involved in the Easter procession - the inhabitants of the city. Pay attention to the costumes, they are not out of the theater, it's your own outfits residents. We offer to your attention photo spread with Easter in the Spanish city San Miguel de Salinas, as well as video clips operator Alexei Stroganov.

в 2014, the date of the Orthodox and Catholic Easter falls on April 20. Already 11 April begins the influx of tourists to Spain on the Costa Blanca coast of the sea - and not just the Europeans, British, Scandinavians, and Spaniards from the central part of the Iberian Peninsula, as the weather is warm, the day before 27 degrees, and in April 14 Spanish students start a vacation! Hotels in Spain during the holy week filled to 95%, so booking in advance!

The Russian Orthodox Church in Torrevieja in Spain - Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Easter in Spain Easter Procession Semana Santa in Torrevieja

     In 2016 year Easter in Catholic Christianity is Sunday March 27In Orthodox Christianity 1 May 2016 years.

Holy Week 2016

20 de Marzo: Domingo de Ramos.
21 de Marzo: Lunes Santo.
22 de Marzo: Martes Santo.
23 de Marzo: Miércoles Santo.
24 de Marzo: Jueves Santo.
25 de Marzo: Viernes Santo.
26 de Marzo: Sábado Santo (Sábado de Gloria).
March 27: Domingo de Resurrección (Domingo de Pascua).
28 de Marzo: Lunes de Pascua (festivo en algunas comunidades).

Easter April 16 2017 years
April 1 2018 years
April 21 2019 years

Easter in Torrevieja, Spain

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