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Beaches of Spain on the Mediterranean coast of Costa Blanca, Mil Palmeras

Spain, Mil PalmerasSpain is the cradle of hot flamenco dance, which captures the imagination of the viewer and makes the dancers' hearts beat in unison. Spain - the birthplace of gazpacho, having tried this dish, you will remember, and admire its taste all your life. All this and much more originates from this country, illuminated by the rays of the warm sun.
Because that's why the beaches of Spain are so popular. As soon as you plunge into the clear water of a drop of dew of the Mediterranean Sea, you will feel the true relaxation and get a boost for the whole day. Going out on land, you will feel the snow-white clean sand that will entice you to lie down and relax, basking under the rays of the Spanish sun. After an excellent holiday on the beach you can visit the wonderful shops, where you can always bargain or, after entering the store to get a discount from the seller.

Mil Palmeras, Spain

Photos of Spain. beach in the Mil Palmeras.
Beaches of Spain on the Costa Blanca

Property in Mil Palmeras, Spain - apartments, villas and houses on the Costa Blanca.

If you want to look at the interesting, and sometimes simply stunning architecture, then you in Barcelona. Barcelona is not only the birthplace of the Football team, but also talented architects such as Antoni Gaudi, Luis Domenech-and-Montaner, Jouzpou Puig-i-Cadafalque and many, many other absolutely unique people who have adorned the city with their creations for hundreds of years. Here are some of them: The Casa Mila, built by Gaudi, according to the architect's plan, without a single corner and a straight line, the Montaner Palace, by Luis Domenech-i-Montaner, also his creations: the Zoological Museum, Thomas House, the Antony Tapies Foundation and others magnificent citadels of art and talent of this master. And of course the Palace of the Baron Quadras, erected according to the plan of Jouzepa Puig-i-Cadafalca, also has an interesting and mysterious view of the whole house, especially the facade made so that it would harmonize different styles of architecture.
Spain, Mil Palmeras
Tired of a bustling city? Do not worry, Barcelona has a wonderful place to relax, far from the cars and city bustle, called Rambla. In fact, it consists of five boulevards that pass into each other, they are called: Rambla Canaletes, Rambla Teachings, Rambla of Flowers, Rambla Capuchin and Rambla St. Monica. For half a day, slowly, you can bypass all these boulevards, peering at the bizarre statues and shrubs living there. But be vigilant, because in the evening the dark side of Rambla wakes up and the pickpockets come out to hunt.

Spain, Playa Flamenca beach

Better as soon as it starts to get dark from the boulevard and go to the evening performance of "Singing Fountains". They seem to come to life under the sunset of the bright sun of Barcelona, ​​shimmering with bright colors and dancing to the beautiful music of modern times and the brilliant classics.
Spain, Mil Palmeras
Going to the hotel where you stay will discover another - the night side of Spain, because in the day only tourists are walking and entertaining, well, and in the evening, the young population of Spain wakes up and "dark" after sunset the city acquires the color of fun and music, Only the Spaniards.
Spain, Mil Palmeras
After a good night's sleep, you can shine a day hike in the best and most exciting amusement park in Europe - Port Aventura. It is divided into six zones, each region has its own shops, cafes, and, of course, slides! Here are the names of these zones: the first is China, the second is Mexico, the third is Far West, the fourth is SeamoAventura, the fifth is Polynesia and the sixth is Mediterrania. Let's start with the first area - Cnina (it is the most steep and terrible roller coaster). You can ride on an extreme descent with eight "dead loops" and many sharp turns that will make even the experienced stuntman scream from adrenaline, the name of this hill is "Dragon Kahn". Also nearby is the "Shambhala" hill, its height at the highest point is SEVEN SIX meters, in the construction of this giant, no country participated and it was invested in this project twenty six million euros, so adrenaline is provided to you. In Port Aventura, in addition to the roller coaster of enormous size, there are water rides that are just needed to cool the heat after the "giant hills".
Spain, Mil Palmeras
In the end, I want to say that it makes sense for the whole day to go to this amusement park and do not even have to worry about the queue, because for only twenty euros you can buy a ticket with which you can easily pass the crowds of people to 10 the most popular attraction in Port Aventura. Good luck on your journey through the radiant Spain!
Spain, Mil Palmeras

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