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Weather in August by the sea in Spain, water and air temperature

Weather in August by the sea in SpainAugust in Spain in the south coast of the Costa Blanca in the area of ​​Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa, as indeed throughout Spain the hottest month, the average air temperature during the day + 32 degrees, at night + 25 ° C. Unbearable heat is not there, and above + 36 degrees of heat, the air temperature does not rise, tk. This is the coast and the sea breeze always blows from the sea - it is at this time that makes the climate mild, not allowing the air to glow, because The sun is very strong. Who has windows and doors facing the sea, and it is in this area is on the east and south side, it is not even necessary to use air conditioners in your dwelling, if there is a sea breeze - just open the windows.
The sea temperature + 26-27 degrees, the maximum water temperature in 2014 year was + 27,6 ° C. The number of sunny days = 30, rains in August in Spain on the coast usually does not happen, overcast and cloudy days, too, are a rarity. The length of daylight hours in the early 14 month and about 13 in the end. The number of tourists is the largest for the whole year, but this is not surprising - because August is the holiday season, so almost all beaches of the coast of Spain Are filled with 90-100%. In the afternoon in Spain, a siesta with 14-00 to 17-00 is mandatory - most stores, banks and other institutions are closed at that time, because temperatures can reach + 36 degrees, and the ultraviolet solar activity index is 10, in the sun This time is not desirable if you do not want to harm your body. The best time to visit the beach from 9 in the morning to 12-13 hours, then it's better to go to the siesta - have dinner and rest a bit, and on the beach after 5 hours and until sunset, and this 8-30 - 9 pm. Do not forget to use protective creams and lotions to protect your skin.

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