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The use of the sea for human health

The use of the sea for human health We all know from childhood about the benefits of salt water and that she has a great healing effect on the human body. Seawater is composed of an almost complete set of the periodic table of elements, so swimming in the sea, helps to maintain normal acid-base balance of the body. Sea salt has beneficial effects on the skin and the respiratory tract. Estheticians are advised not to wash off the sea salt a few hours after swimming in the sea, because it is an excellent nourishing mask.

The use of the sea to human health, sea water and air

The use of the sea to human health, sea water and air

Sea air calms the nervous system, softens and clears the airways. It contains the smallest particles of sea water, which contribute to saturation of the body with useful substances. Sea waves are an excellent simulator for blood vessels: during swimming they narrow, and blood flows to the internal organs. And swimming in the sea, it's a kind of hydromassage, which allows muscles to acquire a tonus. The unique climatic conditions of Costa Blanca, the abundance of sunlight and the high content of salts in the water, has an excellent therapeutic effect in the treatment of skin diseases, in the treatment of the respiratory system.
Spain Costa Blanca Photo

Spain Costa Blanca Photo

On the Costa Blanca, you can not just enjoy swimming and lanes in the Mediterranean, but to pass your personal rate of recovery of the body! Of course, here you will spend a great time, enjoy the beauty of the sea coast, as well as healthier your body and soul!
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