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Excursions in Spain, the hot coast of Costa Calida, mountains

We travel through Spain, the hot coast of Costa Calida, mountainsToday we set off on an exciting trip through Spain to the hot Mediterranean coast - Costa Calida near the city of Cartagena. During this excursion we will visit the naval base (coastal defensive battery), which is now the cultural heritage of Spain.

This battery was created thanks to the projects that arose as a result of the adoption of the Defense Plan for Naval Bases in 1926. King Alfonso XIII of Spain visited this site 11 November 1928 year, and from this moment the construction of the defensive battery Batería de La Chapa, which was completed in December 1931 year, began. Like many other batteries in this part of the coast are built in neoclassical style. In particular, in this place was installed a battery consisting of four Vickers Armstrong guns of the caliber 152,4 mm. To get an idea of ​​the power of these guns, it suffices to say that each gun threw a projectile weighing 45 kg over a distance of 22 km at a speed of 3294 Km / h. Such firepower is impressive.

Naval defensive battery in Spain

Pictures of Costa Calida

Location of the defensive naval battery on the map of Spain

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