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Merry holidays in Spain in January, free barbecues on the day of Pigs

Holidays in Spain in January, the day of St. Antonio patron of animals In January of each year in Spain celebrated a very fun day Pigs. On this day the animals were sacrificed their home mainly pigs slaughtered. On the day of the pig All rejoiced and feasted, as animal slaughter meant that the family will not go hungry the whole year. Nowadays slaughter takes place not in front of the crowd. Cut meat is brought to the area where it is looking forward to a long line :-) . The organizers of the festival (local entrepreneurs, business owners in La Mata, shopkeepers and the administration of the city of Torrevieja) to take care of the grill, wood, meat, drinking and about the venue. Sea, sun and of course a good mood!
The tradition of celebrating the day old pigs, but resumed its Torrevieja relatively recently - 14 years ago. This year's festival was held 2014 26 January weather was spring, daytime temperatures rose to + 22 degree heat! Locals bring with tables, chairs, snacks and wine. On this day everyone for free distribute fresh meat, a total of 600 kg of fresh porkAs well as bread and celery. Total counter to 3 queue, one for meat, bread, greens, and the second - for a beer, a third of the wine and all for free! Aromas of roasted meat, crisp bread and Spanish wine! The festivities do not fade until late at night. Viva Spain!

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     In 2016 year kebabs on XVI Día Internacional del Cerdo in Spain in Torrevieja will start on January 24 Sunday in 12-00 the square Plaza Encarnación Puchol de La Mata. Anyone can enjoy free fresh meat from the 2 000 kg of wine, beer, bread and celery.

As a free meal of meat in Spain?
In 2015 year day pig in Spain will be held in the city of Torrevieja La Mata January 18, beginning in 12-00. - To everyone for free meat, wine and bread.

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